Do you want to join other poets, musicians, and artists around the world
in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace and sustainability and to call for
serious social, environmental and political change?

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Current 100 TPC 2014 News & Events

Harrisburg,PA 100 TPC event was broadcast on our local arts program, Culture and Main which has an average of 40,000 viewers in York/Lancaster counties.

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Congratulations to Ivonne Sanchez Barea for making Granada, Spain the first Spanish language city to be named City of Literature by UNESCO!

Dear friends and subscribers, supporters, and all those that joined the campaign for the City of GRANADA to become part of the circuit of UNESCO as capital of the Creative Cities Network.

On December 1, 2014, the City of Granada was named Capital of Literature.

It is the first Spanish language speaking city to be appointed, and this will be for the benefit of culture, poetry, literature and all cultural expression.

All your contributions have helped make this dream a reality.
Congratulations to GRANADA and to all.
Thanks for your help and support!

Ivonne Sanchez Barea- Organizer: 100TPC Granada

See GRANADA”S EVENT PAGE for links and articles.

100TPC Bologna, Italy!
Bologna_Venerdì 5 dic. ore 18

CAIRO, EGYPT! Mimes for Change!

Mimes Egypt


Solidarity Events for Justice for Andy Lopez took place around the world on JUNE 7th.
Andy Lopez was a 13 year old boy who was shot dead by Sonoma County Sheriff Erick Gelhaus. 
For more information visit the Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez