New York Surrealist Group-New York City, New York

Organized by Valery Oisteanu

100 Thousand Poets for Change:
New York Surrealist Group PASS

Organized by Valery Oisteanu

21 poets & musicians from East Village read and perform live @ SIDEWALK CAFÉ (Ave A& 6 St)
Saturday, September 29, 2012, 5-7 pm
Judith Malina
Alan Graubard
David Cieri
Steve Dalachinsky
Jeff Wright
Ronnie Norpel
Yuko Otoma
Ilka Scobie
Carlo Altomare
Tom Walker
Larissa Shmailo
David St-Lascaux
Jordan Zinovich
Bill Wollak
Lee Klein
Thad Rutkovski
Valery Oisteanu
Barbara Rosenthal
Ron Kolm
Kathi George
Peter Carlaftes



100 tpc 2012 David St-Lascaux Sidewalk Cafe PDF

100 TPC 2012 Valery Oisteanu Sidewalk Cafe


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4 Responses to New York Surrealist Group-New York City, New York

  1. Thanks for organizing this again this year, Valery! Glad to have read last year, and be reading again now! Here’s address and directions for anyone not familiar with Sidewalk Cafe:
    Sidewalk Cafe
    94 Ave A at E. 6th St. New York, NY 10009
    tel: 212-473-7373
    subway: F to 2nd Ave (exit 1st Ave)
    OR bus: M-14A/14D east/south-bound to E. 6th St.

  2. Ron Kolm says:

    This configuration of poets and writers, put together by Valery Oisteanu, did a terrific reading for the 100TPC at the Bowery Poetry Club last year. Unfortunately the BPC is closed for renovations, but the Sidewalk Cafe is a terrific venue with a great wait staff, and a fine back room for readings. Should be a blast! Thank you, Valery!

    • Sidewalk cafe is an authentic(dive) for music and poetry, and we are going to be professional about it so please give me a surrealist Obamapalooza poe-music!please!
      …but my friend we are still in the ghetto! It is very sad the gentrification of the late BPC..

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