Dyan Marie- Spirit Bay, BC, Canada 2020

Organizer: Dyan Marie

Email: dyan@dyanmarie.com

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  1. Dyan Marie says:

    ALL Spirit Bay 100TPC
    (Arts, Learning, Living in Spirit Bay, 100thousand Poets for Change 2020)
    Saturday, September 26, 2020, 3:00 PM
    Spirit Bay, Sci’anew Lands Playing Field

    Seeds and Seaweed
    Collect and display local seeds toward Spirit Bay Seed Security Library
    Beecher Bay Ocean Studies seaweed related outdoor exhibitions. Discover more about the ocean that surrounds and connects us. Encouragement to name and know more about five kinds of seaweeds from the 500 identified locally.

    Poetry Readings

    I am the Undercurrent
    (community participatory circle reading, open to all)
    By Dyan Marie
    Dave Preston
    Ellen Desjardins
    Ismé Liem
    Lesley Preston
    Michel Desjardins
    Peter Liem
    Richard Rhodes
    and others

    Poems by
    Dave Preston
    Ismé Liem
    Lesley Preston
    Peter Liem
    Richard Rhodes
    Dyan Marie
    and others TBA

    CONVID-19 protocols followed:
    Please ensure 6-foot space between unrelated people, wash hands before attending, no shared utensils, use on-site hand-cleaner before and after touching any item, one related pod or one person at-a-time for inside exhibitions.

    Spirit Bay, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

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