Abuja, Nigeria

Organizer:  Edwin Eriata Oribhabor

Contact: edbabor@gmail.com ,+2348100091760 and +2348080900813



Mr Edwin Eriata Oribhabor was born, raised and ‘‘kpakod’’ in Warri-Nigeria. He has deep passion for the promotion of Naija Langwej (formerly Nigerian Pidgin). His motivation derives from his conviction that if properly developed and promoted, it can serve as an official lingua franca alongside the English language in Nigeria. He attended the conference on Nigerian Pidgin, 8-9 July, 2009 at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria organised by the Institute for French Research in Africa (IFRA), Nigeria and presented a paper titled; ‘‘The Use of Nigerian Pidgin in the Media, Arts and Entertainment in Nigeria.’’ A follow up to this was his attendance of the International Conference on Arts, Society & Sustainable Development, 27-29 June, 2011 which held at Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria West Campus, South Africa. At this auspicious international event, he presented a paper titled; ‘The Role of Naija (Nigerian Pidgin) in Achieving Nigeria’s Language Policy and Integration of its People.’’

Currently, he writes the column, ‘‘NAIJA LANGWEJ A-Z’’ in LEADERSHIP newspaper, Abuja-Nigeria. He has carved a niche for himself in the unique way he writes in a blend of English language and Naija; a way of pushing it to the next level. His articles could be found on (Naija Tribune – Oribhabor’s Kona) on IFRA website www.ifra-nigeria.org and other websites like nigeriansabroadlive and nigeriancommunity. In the past, his articles were published in several national newspapers like THE GUARDIAN, NEXT (now online), etc. He is a one-time presenter of a radio programme presented in Naija titled “MEK WI YAN” on Aso Radio 93.5FM, Abuja-Nigeria.

Mr Oribhabor is the author of ‘‘Abuja na kpangba an oda puem dem’’: co-published by IFRA-Nigeria & Oribhabor, 2010 (collection of poems in Naija) and blogs at oribhabor.wordpress.com. He is the Editor of ‘‘IF YU HIE SE A DE PRIZIN – Antoloji of puem dem fo Naija’’ an outcome of a call for submission of poems in Nigerian pidgin packaged by Somtin fo Evribodi Vensho (Something For Everybody Ventures). His forth-coming works include; ‘‘The Gud Old Naija – collection of Essays published in NAIJA A-Z column in the defunct ‘‘The Market Magazine and LEADERSHIP newspaper respectively.

Mr Oribhabor is a foundation member of Naija Langwej Akedemi (NLA), holds a degree in Political Science and envisions government’s recognition of Naija langwej as an official lingua franca in Nigeria.

Come September, 29, 2012, Abuja-Nigeria will join hundreds of towns and cities across the world to mark the second annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change. This year’s edition of the event will as usual provide a platform for renowned and upcoming Poets, Artists, Painters, Exhibitors of arts & Literary materials and Musicians to register their voices on issues dear to their hearts for the betterment of Abuja, Nigeria’s Centre of Unity and the country at large.

Tagged Poets and Musicians for Change, the event is an initiative of Michael Rothenberg, Co-Founder of 100Thousand Poets for Change who believes that ”Peace and sustainability” are ”major concern worldwide, and the guiding principle for this global event.”

Like other nations, Nigeria is not immune to socio-economic and political turbulences but creative writers, poets, artists, painters, comedians and musicians, etc who believe in that bright light at the end of any dark tunnel never give up. They demonstrate this by the things they do or say. One great painting could change the course of politics in any country.

The 100Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change is a free-ticket event that offer opportunities for all to showcase whatever they have with a bid to promote peace and sustainable development in a carnival-like/trade fair atmosphere. We all have something to offer in making 100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change in Abuja a worthy venture whose essence is to bring about positive change in all spheres of human endeavour.

In line with the theme of this global event, we call on all participants to work on their ”thinking caps” for powerful presentations at this event. We welcome ideas in this regard, please.

We have an opportunity to speak hard truths to ourselves and the authorities.

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends.

Dike Chukwumerije – Performance Poet
VALERINO – Musician
Al-Kasim Abdulkadir – Media/Communications
Eriata Oribhabor – Organiser, Abuja



allAfrica.com Nigeria Abuja Artistes Join World Rally for Change


Nigeria has a deep market potential for literature – Onimisi


100TPC inaugurated in Gwagwalada

Barely a month after Kuje’s wing of One Hundred Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change was inaugurated, Gwagwalada’s wing was inaugurated yesterday. Its aim was to enhance socio-political and economic development in the Area Council through music, painting, poetry and other forms of arts.

Habib Musa, a traditional musician and trumpeter was unanimously adopted as the chairman of Gwagwalada’s wing of the movement, during the event.

Speaking at the event, the chairman of Abuja’s chapter of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Mr Edwin EriataOribhabor, who brought the movement to Nigeria after it was initiated in the United States two years ago, said artistes are highly respected in the society.

He said the respect given to them should be used as an advantage to preach change and development to the people.

Oribhabor said the poets, musicians and other artistes involved in the movement will stage a monthly or weekly concert in different parts of the council where pressing societal problems would be dissected and solutions proffered

In his acceptance speech, the newly appointed chairman, Musa, said he was delighted to be chosen as the chairman of Gwagwalada wing. He added that he will use his officeandeverything at his disposal to bring about change.

The movement will be inaugurated in the four remaining area councils of FCT before January 2013.



An idea was sown in far away United States by Michael Rothenberg II and Terri Carrion for the purpose of bringing genuine peace and sustainability to the whole world. The 100Thousand Poets for Change is alive in Kuje Area Council, Abuja-Nigeria.-Edwin Eriata Oribhabor


Saturday, October 27, 2012

8:00pm in UTC+01

Kuje , Abuja

Literature Appreciation Day Kuje ( Hosted by Onimisi & 100TPC Abuja)

For more details contact me Onimisi (+234) 08186326558, Nelsen 07026089709, Oribhabor 08100091760

Awaal 08160906866

Contact: koademoh@gmail.com



A collective of Kuje indigenes and resident supporters of the 100Thousand Poets For Change are hosting a Literature appreciation day in Kuje.

A workshop for Creative writing/Performance Poetry appreciation would be hosted at DE ROMA HOTEL’s BANQUET HALL & KUJE TOWNSHIP HALL. KUJE , ABUJA

It would be open to youths and secondary school students in the area interested in the creative arts. Here they can listen to local poets, writers and artist showcase some of their works for free, and also offer advice and a rare opportunity for the kids to try their hands at creative writing/performance. Free lunch would be provided for all those taking part at the event.

As artists interested in change, we hope this event creates a platform for subsequent activities of its kind in the area.


* We are looking for VolunteersTo Help Out On & Before the D-Day {I promise no bombing involved! 🙂 }

* We are Looking For People to Spread the Word! {Social Networkers! New Media Publicists, Facebook junkies , Twitteratti, LinkedIn, Talking Drums, Smoke-Signal, Town-criers..You are all friends and welcome, only time is our enemy}

* Performers, Educationist, Writers, Public Speakers Interested in Delivering Entertaining, Educative and Inspiring Materials

* Donations and Sponsorship from individuals, Corporate bodies, Communities {Yes We Take; Books, CDs, Prizes etc NO, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg – we are not Aluu community 🙁 }


* Ajima Farms providing Lunch ( Some Smoked Catfish, Grilled Chicken, Farm fresh vegetable)

This is a local family run sustainable farming business based in Kuje.

* Hadba Diet World, providing catering services

* BuzzEnt Networks …Social Media Publicity/ Camera, Photography & Blog Covergae.

* 100TPC …….Social Media, Internet Hub, Banners and TShirts

* The Ohinoyi Anebira ( Chief of Ebira people) of KUJE AREA COUNCIL …Volunteers, and 10 Yam Tubers. 🙂

We Still Need:

Sound Equipments

Video Coverage

More TShirts Donation

Books (Old or New ) To Donate to A Child

Interior Decoration For Hall.

Banners & Flags (Verses from local poets printed & hoisted round the Town)


See You There 🙂

For more details contact me Onimisi (+234) 08186326558, Nelsen 07026089709, Oribhabor 08100091760

Awaal 08160906866




Peace, love & blessings. -(Me-tha-phorss!) May the forces BE WITH YOU.


Onimisi Wordsmith ( KABIRADEMOH )

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