Kozeta Zavalani-Tirana, Albania

Organizer: Kozeta Zavalani

Contact: kozeta_z@hotmail.com
Kristaq Shabani, President “Pegasi” Albania and Agron Shele, Secretary General “Pegasi”

Even this year we put together our voice of inspiration, with 100,000 for change poets from around the world … We are all angels, let us unify to our flight wings for a better world…

Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 10.00 – 14.00,

In “VITRINA” UNIVERSITY, in TIRANA, the capital city of Albania, will be held the event “100 Thousand Poets for Change” lead by KOZETA ZAVALANI W.P.S. The event will be organized by the Albanian Union of Writers and Artists, part of the “Bank of Ideas” of “Vitrina” Foundation.

Participating are some of the most eminent literary figures of LNPSHA “Pegasi” Albania and Association “Family and Media-The Power for Change” with the topic “For a different Albania”

We, as poets, have much work to do in our own current means of production & creation which fit this criteria of a need for challenge & change. Seeing that the world has entered a severe economic crisis with serious consequences on human life, decrease in the level of the quality of life, increase of poverty, due to the presence of corruption and inefficient policies in favor of a few people and not the majority, which is seen through the eyes of the stepmother, thus ignoring the democratic format, not giving priority to intelligence and erudition, professionalism, but militancy, the use of nepotism,
the nihilism of the previous generations …our life should change! Therefore, our creativity needs to be change, for a better life!

You can participate with your creations, in support of the “100 Thousand Poets for Change”, by signing in the network of poets from all around the world. Our site www.banka-ideve.com

Kozeta Zavalani (Qirjo) was born in Korça on March 8, 1958. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1982 and in 1985, was specialized in journalism. She is the mother of two sons Mendi and Mikel and wife of the doctor Gjergj Zavalani. Kozeta worked in the Albanian Public Television and now is Editor in Chief of the magazine “Season for Change” of the “Family and Media – Power for Change” association, which she leads. She has been part of several training courses in literature, editorialism, human rights and leadership.
She was selected “Ambassador for Peace” by the Family Federation for Universal Peace she was elected president for Tirana from 2011 until 2013.
She is one of the “Women of the World – 2007” selected by “Connect Us Communications Canada” with the caption “Editor and Mother, role model for women”
In 2009 she was honoured with the second prize in the Meeting of Albanian Poets in Vushtrri
Winner of the “First Award” – in poetry by “Nositi” eitorial magazine.
The Special Winner of the Balkan Poetry in “Poetry Korça Nights” in July 2010 and “Special Award”.
She was elected president for Tirana of The International Association of Poets, Writers and Artists “PEGASI” ALBANIA and “Distinguished activist of the Civil Society”.
In September 24, 2011 she will be he initiator of the poetic Manifestation “100 thousand Poets for Change” in Albania, which includes 80 states of the world.
At the 22-World Congress of Poets in Larissa, Greece, Awarded to Kozeta Zavalani “Olympus Poetry Prize – “Demeter” “In recognition and appreciation of Exellence in Poetry” in June 2011. “Honorary Diploma of the 1 st Mediterranean Poetry Festival” and “Certificate of Merit”, Larissa, Greece, 2011.
The International Association of Poets, Writers and Artists “PEGASI” ALBANIA in November 2011 has given the high title “Pride of LNPSHA “Pegasi “Albania.
She was coauthor in the book of poetry “First songs”
in 1978 and volumes of stories 2-4-6 “Silent heroes”.
Between 1997-2002 published the periodic newspaper of PBWA “The Manager” and “Zeri i Arberit”.
In the year 2000 – 2002 volumes 1 and 2 of the book “Gra që më kanë frymëzuar” in Albanian and “Women who have inspired me” in English.
In 2005 published the volume “Halfworld” in English
In 2007 the volume “Gjysmëbota” in Albanian, as well as the bulletin “Human Rights”, a QSHDNJ edition.
In 2010 was launched the volume of poetry “Migrator”.
Recently she is publishing the novel “Ankthi” and the Volume of poetry “Soul Gate”.
In 2011 Kozeta is one of poets participants at the 50 Struga Poetry Evenings and her poems are includet in the book “Poetry from five continents”and in the World Poetry 2011, (Poetic anthology), Larissa, Greece, 2011 and to the book of the 2nd International Festival of Literature, in Ordu, Turkey.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/MQXUuxnb2xQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kampusi Universitar Vitrina u gjallërua ditën e sotme pasi u mbajt eventi artistik “100 mijë Poetë për Ndryshimin” ku ishin të ftuar rreth 100 figura të shquara, poetë, shkrimtarë, piktorë, si edhe aktorë ishin pjesë e kësaj mbledhjeje masive artistike krijuese të letërsisë nga Lidhja Ndërkombëtare e Poetëve Shkrimtarëve dhe Artistëve “Pegasi” Albania e Shoqata “Familja dhe Media-Fuqia për Ndryshim”. Eventi u organizua nga Unioni i Shkrimtarëve dhe Artistëve Shqiptarë – Fondacioni “Banka e Ideve”, Lidhja Ndërkombëtare e Poetëve Shkrimtarëve dhe Artistëve “Pegasi” Albania dhe Fondacioni “Vitrina”. Pritja madhështore u bëri shumë përshtypje artistëve të cilët shprehën hapur kënaqësinë dhe përshtypjet e mira për organizimin. Znj. Kozeta Zavalani, Kryetare i Lidhjes së Shkrimtarëve dhe Artistëve Pegasi për Tiranën, njëkohësisht dhe moderatore e këtij eventi, falenderoi pjesëmarrësit dhe në mënyrë të vecantë aktoren e madhe Znj. Roza Anagnosti si dhe Nderin e Kombit Z.Dhimitër Anagnosti. Përfaqësues nga Universiteti “Vitrina” ishte Zv. Rektori Z. Teki Kurti, i cili përshëndeti të pranishmit dhe i njohu ata me misioni dhe vizionin që ky universitet paraqet e mbi të gjitha për mbështetjen që u jep evenimenteve të tilla. Në sallën “Sami Frashëri” u interprtuan krijime mjaft interesante të artistëve të njohur si dhe atyre të rinjë. Ky aktivitet ishte mjaft i larmishëm plot me emocione deri në lot gëzimi. Për të gjithë të pranishmit u shpërndanë certefikata pjesëmarrje në “100 mijë poetë për ndryshim”. Në ambjentet e Universitetit “Vitrina” u hap dhe një ekspozitë pikture me punime të: Sokol Mecollari, Irida Hazizi, Mikel Zavalani, Zhulieta Tengu. Në këtë ekspozitë u paraqitën punime me tematika nga më të ndryshme. Në fund të takimit u organizua një kokteil duke krijuar kështu një ambjent festiv dhe të ngrohtë për të gjithë të pranishmit.

Kozeta wrote:

“29th September awoke with beautiful sunrays, to be followed by an exceptionally hot day. The special artistic event of “100 Thousand Poets for Change” lightened up the atmosphere in the campus of “Vitrina University”. More than 100 acclaimed public creative figures – poets, writers, painters and actors gathered for this event, which was organized by the Union of Albanian Writers and Artists – “Bank of Ideas” Foundation, International League of Writers and Artists “Pegasi – Albania”, Vitrina Foundation, with the support of the association “Family and Media – the Power for Change”. A warm and well-organized welcome greeted the participants, who expressed their delight and good impressions.
Mrs. Kozeta Zavalani, chair of the “League of Writers and Artists Pegasi” for Tirana, as well as the moderator of the event, thanked the participants, especially the wellknown Albanian actor Mrs. Roza Anagnosti and her husband, the movie director and holder of the title “Honor of the Nation”, Mr. Dhimitër Anagnosti. The representative from Vitrina University, the vice-rector Tedi Kurti greeted the attendants and presented them with the mission and vision of this university, especially the support towards such cultural events. The “Merited Artist” Roza Anagnosti recited poetry by Naim Frashëri and Gjergj Fishta, two acclaimed and wellknown authors and poets from the Albanian National Revival, evoking the importance of poetry in this 100th year of the independence of Albania, which coincides with this year’s event of “100 Thousand Poets for Change”. Touching and impressive was the moment when the recited the poem “Joni”, written by her husband Dhimitër Anagnosti. Another important and significant part was the appeal of the poet, Mrs. Jozefina Traboini, who dedicated her speech to the innocent victims of blood feud and revenge in Albania. She said that poets and writers should do more with their words, the parliament should work seriously on this problematic issue, so as to really condemn the blood feud in Albania, and those who continue to kill with no reason, covering behind “Kanun”.
Several interesting poetic creations were interpreted in “Sami Frashëri” hall of the campus, by wellknown and new artists from all around Albania and Kosova. The activity was combined with music that evoked so much emotions even tears of joy, especially the polyphonic group of Gramsh, part of Pegasi Ensamble. The event continued with recitations of poems by the authors and poets Shefqete Gosalci, Rita Saliu, Ilir balili, Ardi Omeri, Namil Selmani, Jozefina Traboini, Agim Desku, Gjergj Rustaj, Flutura Maci, Perikli Shuli, Genta Kaloci, Dritan Zaimi etc.
All the participants were awarded with participation certificates for the event “100 Thousand Poets for Change”. A special painting exhibition opened at Vitrina University for this event. Sokol Mecollari, Irida Hazizi, Mikel Zavalani e Zhulieta Tengu participated with their works of various themes. The end of this event was marked by an impressive cocktail and a festive atmosphere with music and dance.”

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