Marty Smith and Patrick Connors-Toronto, Canada

Organizer: Marty Smith


Organizer: Patrick Connors


100 thousand poets for change Toronto events

12 Noon
United Steelworkers hall
25 Cecil Street

Carlos Angulo Rivas
Robert Priest
Louise Bak
Honey Novik
Steve Hall
Leah (aka Tallawah)
Natasha Ksonzek
Arnold Itwaru
Areta M
Joan Sutcliffe
Mahlikah Awe:ri
Susan Munro
Thelma Wheatley
Howard Tessler
Dyan Marie
Brandon Pitts

The Creation Lab
720 Bathurst St, Suite 403
HEAR/HEAR: Open Mic Done Right

an opportunity for fresh, emerging and seasoned performers (poets,
writers and acoustic musicians) to show off their talents! This all
ages, first-come, first-serve open mic, starts at 6pm
In partnership with 100 Thousand Poets for Change, “Open Mic Done
Right” showcase artists addressing their interpretation of social,
political and personal change.
All proceeds for the event contribute towards creative writing
workshops for youth in conflict with the law.

Casa Maiz
1280 Finch Ave. West #204

Fito Molina
Carlos Angulo Rivas
Enrique Castro
Luciano Iacobelli
Tom Smarda
Mahlikah Awe:ri
Patrick Connors
Terry Barker
Anna Yin
Norman Christofoli.
Jeannine Pitas
Brandon Pitts
Max Layton
Charlie Bobus
Paul Salnek


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