100 TPC Headquarter’s Event, Arlene Francis Center-Santa Rosa, California

Organizers: Terri Carrion, Michael Rothenberg, Susan Lamont, Frank Kahl, Susan Dugan, & Bruce Alan Rhodes

Contact: walterblue@bigbridge.org

We will have two channels streaming out from the 100 Thousand Poets for Change Headquarters 3 Day Festival at the Arlene Francis Center…

Sept. 28th, 5:00pm- Midnight
Sat. Sept. 29th, 11:00am -1:00am
Sun. Sept. 30th, 10:00am-10:00pm
(All Pacific Daylight Time)

So make sure to bookmark the channels and tune in!

HQ Theater Channel– All performances throughout the 3 Day HQ Festival!

Café Channel for Scenes from the Arlene Francis Center Cafe. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/25828486
(See complete schedule below)

3 Day HQ Festival!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday!
September 28th, 29th and 30 at

The Arlene Francis Center 

Read the AFCSAP Mission Statement

Download full 100TPC AFC Brochure

100 TPC HQ Event is sponsored by...




See the schedule live online here

Poster Art by Ray Swaney

Our first Flyer for the 3 day event…Ed Coletti hosts Sunday afternoon poetry reading and music by Dubtown Dread!

Thank you to all who donated to the Kickstarter Campaign to help make the HQ Event possible!
We appreciate your support greatly…

Michele Kaplan 
Ioanna Katsioura Nancy Dymond Karen Obermiller Fredrick Woodard Ned Haggard Thomas Espy Graham Hartill 
Cinema Deborah Crooks Isabelle Pelissier 
Ellen Geist Dale Winslow Peter Ciccariello 
Joan Brady Wendy Brown-Baez Cecelia Belle 
Kelli Russell Agodon Jannie Dresser 
Empty Mirror Arts Magazine & Books Vincent Katz Robert Priest 
Diane Mayr Ann Fisher-Wirth Richard Golub Jim Cohn Mamta Agarwal 
Rex Walton 
Dennis Formento 
Thomas Carty Art Beck
 Anne McCrady 
Bridget Reymond Laurence Overmire Rachel Kubie Thomas Devaney David Randolph Cheryl Brian Clements Patricia Donnelly Frank L. Kahl Bridget Nuttin Markus Bennett Tina Cabrera Peter Bray Lord Aeshna Carol Briggs Carl Macki Bill Vartnaw NAKED THOUGHT Suzanne Dundee Bonner Barbara Bookman Steve Tills Wm. Andrew Turman Jim Spitzer Doug Draime 
Karla Linn Merrifield 
David Randolph Thomas Espy Steven Bauer Diane Wald Fran Carol Adair Jabez Van Cleef Unlikely Stories 
Cindi Abribat Jeff Laibson uspocobooks@gmail.com Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin John Roche 
 Youssef Alaoui Francesco Levato Viktoria Valenzuela Daniele Ventre 
Lina Vitkauskas Eric Imperiale Charmaine Garland Rainer Neumann Cherie Huppert Bergma Carol Ciavonne Lilian Silva Doris Davenport 
Arpine Grenier Richard Olafson Jay Jay Colagrande 
Teresa Chuc Shakespeare Mary Kasimor Shelly Gomez Sarah Browning Craig Czury Constance F. West Maria Damom Cosmos RothenbergKristin Sharp Elya Finn Gloria Frym Paul Nelson Eric Johnson Molly Fisk Cynthia Lowe Harlean Carpenter Anny Ballardini Barabara Jenkins Lisa Vihos Bob Moore Red Slider Kathy Figueroa Ed Coletti Darcia Northwind

Photos by Max Kalkman

Photos from Ava Bird

Poster for 100TPC Spring 2013 Event Organizational Mixer at AFC

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