Organizer: Juan Zo, handrummer, GLOBAL MUSICAL FLASH MOB


11:00am until 12:00pm in EDT
Campus Martius Park, 800 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48226

In conjunction with the 100k Poets and Musicians Day activities, a call has been sounded for a Global Musical Flashmob in support. Bring a drum, a rattle, your voice, your rap, an instrument and let’s bring down the walls of Babylon! The time for change is NOW!

“I am fired up and looking forward to this ‘Flash Mob’ prelude to the later 100k Poets-Musician Event at Spirit Of Hope Church.. I can feel the Kundalini rising that will be unleashed as blessings in Campus Martius Saturday as we are led in chant by the awesome Sheila Burke sounding forth an intention for change in our world, for the D, for Michigan, for our country and communities! Bring hoop drums and shakers and your angelic voices! Cya there!!!!!!!”-Juan Zo

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