Perugu Ramakrishna- Nellore, India

Perugu Ramakrishna Nellore, India

Narayana Engineering College, Nellore ,India
Date: 22-09-2012
Address: Narayana Avenue, Muthukur Road, A.K. Nagar (post), Nellore, A.P. – 524004

A report on the event of 100 TPC at Nellore, A P, India on 22-09-2012

A very successful reading took place in today’s 100 Thousand Poets For Change event in Narayana Engineering College, Nellore,Andhra Pradesh,India to i.e on 22-09-2012 from 3.00 pm to 06.00pm organised by me.

A good gathering of students and invited poets from different places of the state and staff of College enjoyed the session. Tansneem, a student invited the guests on to the dias. Dr.G Jagadeeswara Reddy, principal and chief guest, poet fellow, and internationally reputed poet Perugu Ramakrishna presided. Guest of honour included Allu Bhaskar Reddy, a young poet from Bangalore Yaseen Anwer, Founder and Managing Editor, Poets Corner, Programme Coordinator, Dr Sarojadevi, Head English Dept, NEC,and Eminent Poet M V S Sathyanarayana who inagurated poetry reading session shared the dias.

Poet Perugu explained the concept of 100 TPC. A poetry anthology “Musings -A Mosaic” published by Poets corner with 53 eminent poets from India and abroad got released by Chief guest Dr Jagadeeswara reddy and allu Bhaskar Reddy.

Dr Sarojadevi reviewed the anthology. The poetry reading went in a very diciplined way in three languages. 8 students from NEC rendered their poems and emerged as young and fresh poets. 4 Invited poets, and 4 poets on dias rendered worthy poems on several contemporary contents. Allu Bhaskar Reddy defined change in broader perspective. 5 poets read in local Telugu language, one in National Hindi Language and the remaining 10 in the world language, English. Hence this became a multi-lingual poetry reading event. Local issues, environmental pollution, bio-diversity, ecological balance, Mother, Father and other issues were well represented in the poetry. A group photo of poets who presented poetry was taken and the programme closed with the vote of thanks by Associate Prof Qaram John.”


Rama Krishna Perugu is a Tax Officer by profession, but poetry is his passion. He was born in Nellore, India, and has been writing poetry in Telugu for 30 years. He has some nine books to his credit and much of his work has been translated into other Indian and world languages including Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Japanese, Romanian and English. Among his books are two edited short story anthologies by writers from the Nellore district. Perhaps his best-known work, Flemingo (2004) is a long poem that was published in English in 2006.

His poetry has been published in numerous web journals and he now administers two Facebook pages: Indian Poetry Society and the International Poets Society. He has been a recipient of a number of prestigious awards including the Andhra Pradesh Government Best Poet Award in 2008, Outstanding Intellectual of 21st Century Award 2007, and the Editors Choice Award from USA,Creative Gaint-2010 from Orissa.Currently recipient of Prestageous Excellency in Poetry Award from 22nd WCP,Greece in 2011.

Yaseen anwer Poet and Founder -Poet corner ,Bangalore awarded with Young poet Award -2012 by the Indian Poetry Society (Founder-Perugu )in 100 TPC event ..Nellore





Presented Certificates to Narayana Engineering College young poets who participated in 100 Thousand Poets for Change pro in September2012…


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