Jeff Hansen- 100 Thousand Artists March for Gezi Park- Minneapolis, Minnesota-2013

ORGANIZER: Jeff Hansen-


Visit the MAIN EVENT PAGE for complete details on Global Solidarity Event

June 29 Reading for Gezi Park–Twin Cities, USA

We gathered on June 29 at Subtext Books in St. Paul, MN for two reasons: 1) to show our solidarity with the protesters in Gezi Park in Istanbul who were set on by tanks and tear gas, and 2) to celebrate Ann Bogle’s very short story, “Meryl Streep Laughed at That” (which appeared in 1 and as a broadside) being selected as one of the top 50 Very Short Stories of 2012 by Wigleaf. Four of us read. I put the movies in reverse order, after my introduction.

George Farrah Prt 2 Jun 29, 2013 from Jeff Hansen on Vimeo.

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