Live at the Ice House/100,000 Poets for Change/The Real Orange County 2013

ORGANIZER: Philip Romero


The Ice House is a large artists complex in the city of Orange in the heart of Orange County in greater Los Angeles. The band William Pilgrim and the All Grows Up has a cool studio and performance space there. This is where the Live at the Ice House webisodes are filmed. This is the third one, a powerful picture of who we are, how we roll, and the importance of 100,000 Poets and Musicians for Change.

There will be a mini-festival at this location at the next worldwide celebration of 100,000 Poets and Musicians for Change on September 28.

Watch the video!

“Last night we filmed two dozen artists at the Ice House in Orange CA for 100,000 Poets and Musicians for Change. Many new folks are now on board. The footage will be edited into an hour long video (Live at the Ice House Number 5) to be streamed on September 28th (the audio will be broadcast on radio that day as well).” from Lee Ballinger

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