Philip Larrea- Sacramento, CA 2013

Organizer: Philip Larrea


Sacramento Voices Celebrate 100,000 Poets for Change!

Saturday, September 28, 2013
Time11:00am until 4:00pm

An extraordinary 2-day event featuring 33 poets reading from Sacramento Voices (Cold River Press). This brand new anthology based on the Foam at the Mouth reading series held at the SacPoetry Center has many of the best our area has to offer; Here is the schedule for the Saturday afternoon and following Monday night readings:

11:00 a.m.- Phillip Larrea, Katy Brown, Wendy Williams, Kara Synhorst, Tom Goff.

12:00- Geoffrey Neill, Sean King, JoAnn Anglin, Poet Michael Ellis, David Iribarne, Gene Avery.

1:00- Shawn Aveningo, Lytton Bell, Martha Kight, Nancy Aide Gonzalez, Evan Myquest, John Bell

2:00- Emmanuel Sigauke, J.T. Odochartaigh, Sherri Goldberg, Laura Martin, Deborah Meltvedt, Concepcion Tadeo

3:00- Karin Erickson, Linda Jackson Collins, Jan Haag, Bob Stanley, Tim Kahl

Monday evening 9/30

7:30- Cynthia Linville, Meri St. Mary, Stanley Zumbiel, D.R. Wagner, Allegra Silberstein, Susan Kelly-DeWitt.

Light refreshments will be served. Admission FREE. Check the schedule and plan to attend for your favorite poets. Each poet will read for no more than 8 minutes to allow time for the audience to enter and exit for the hours of their choosing. The anthology, Sacramento Voices, will be on sale that day for $15.

100,000 Poets for Change is the Christmas Day of Poetry. Please come out to support your community and by all means, spread the word!

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