POETIC VIBES-Trinidad and Tobago 2013

ORGANIZER: Rachael Collymore
CONTACT: poeticvibes.pv@gmail.com

11:00am until 11:50pm in UTC-04

Poetic Vibes is honoured once again to be a part of the movement for change by participating in the yearly global event, ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’. All artisans: poets, artists, musicians and photographers are invited to submit works relevant to the theme: “Break the silence, take a stand!” to poeticvibes.pv@gmail.com

This event is geared towards creating conscious awareness within the context of peace and sustainability; the stimulus needed for the change we seek. The initiative aims to promote social, environmental and economical change through poetry, music and other forms of artistic expression…

You may wonder what’s the significance of this movement; will it have an impact on our society/cross borders; will there be change? I believe that it is our responsibility to make that crucial step, 365 days of the year. If we can commit to walking the walking and leading by example; if we can be humble and focus, then yes change will take place, because its birthing place comes from within.


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