Ross Altman, The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge, Los Angeles, California 2013

100 Thousand Musicians and Poets for Change

ORGANIZER: Ross Altman



The Talking Stick Coffee Lounge
1411 Lincoln Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90291
(310) 450-6052

Sunday, September 29, 2013
Time7:00pm until 10:00pm

LA singer-songfighter Ross Altman will host the 2nd annual ‘Sing Out for Change’. He will be joined by some of LA’s finest folk musicians: Carol McArthur, Paul Zollo, Jill Fenimore, The Venice Street Legends, Alex Alejandro Soschin, Dennis Davis, John Keller & Eric J. Charles. $10 Suggested Donation plus a 1-purchase minimum. No one will be turned away.. Please join us.

Two years ago 100 Thousand Poets for Change answered Michael Rothenberg’s call for poets around the world who wanted to lend their voices to a 1-day only reading for peace and sustainability of the planet. Last September 29 his call broadened; so who let the musicians in?

Can music change the world? Plato thought so; he banned them from the Republic. The FBI thought so; they stole Earth First activist Judy Bari’s fiddle—on Bob Dylan’s birthday, May 24, 1990, the day her car was bombed.

Pinochet’s junta thought so; 40 years ago they tortured and killed Chilean folk singer Victor Jara in the Estadio Chile on September 16, 1973, five days after the CIA-backed coup that overthrew President Salvador Allende.

The US State Department thought so; they seized Paul Robeson’s passport in 1950. The House Committee on Un-American Activities thought so; they declared Pete Seeger in contempt and blacklisted him on August 18, 1955 for
refusing to name names.The Grand Ol’ Opry thought so; they fired Hank Williams.

And Vladimir Putin thought so; he had Russian punk band members of Pussy Riot arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to two years in prison for a song prayer declared to be an “act of hooliganism.”

From Plato to Putin, musicians have been regarded as a danger and threat to change the social order.

We think so too—which is why we have answered poet Michael Rothenberg’s international call to join 100 Thousand Poets for Change he organized in 2011. “Peace & sustainability is a major concern worldwide, and the guiding principle for this global event,” said Michael Rothenberg, Co-Founder of 100 Thousand Poets for Change. “We are in a world where it isn’t just one issue that needs to be addressed. A common ground is built through this global compilation of local stories, which is how we create a true narrative for discourse to inform the future.”

More than 700 events in 115 countries have already been scheduled, including ours. So next Sunday evening walk right in to The Talking Stick, where The Times, They Still Are A-Changing.

100 Thousand Musicians for Change (c) 2013 Grey Goose Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved.

May 16th, 1989, Tiananmen Square. Peng Rong, biology student of Peking University, was a key member of the Beida’s preparatory committee. He initiated a campaign of ‘shaving heads bald’ in protest right before June 4th, and was put in jail after the massacre. He was shown in this photo to conduct hunger strike on the Square while holding a microphone and directing his scout teams. His clothes were painted with a song: ‘We Shall Overcome’

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