100TPC Easton Poets and 100TPC (Youth) Poets for Change

Join your neighbors from the Easton/Lehigh/Phillipsburg NJ, Philadelphia and NY Metro area in an annual, local show of support and solidarity for the global movement 100 Thousand Poets For Change.

This was the second year by a river, the Delaware, between the PA and NJ border. Easton is a unique, eclectic city located a little more than an hour from New York City and Philadelphia. This year, the event had a youth focus and this is an element that we hope to continue in future events, every September. It is never too early to start connecting and planning for next year so if you are looking for an event in the area and want to team up, please get in touch as we would like to see our local numbers grow!


Easton 100TPC

Easton, PA 100TPC and 100TPC YOUTH

Lynn Alexander

Lynn Alexander

Organizer: Lynn Alexander

Contact: lynnalx@gmail.com

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