Damali Adele Ife- Kingston, Jamaica 2014

ORGANIZER: Damali Adele Ife’
CONTACT: : damaliadele@gmail.com

PHONE: USA#: 347.618.8192 – 954.682.3475    JA#: 876.871.1885

There will be collaborative events on the 12th (Conscious Reggae Party : School Tour), 18th (CoAction ; Artiste 4 Change) at Nanooks Thursday Night Live Open Mic, and 27th (RebelUnion – Jamnesia Live).



On September 27th, 2014, the 100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change movement will be coordinating a series of global events and poets, musicians, and artists around the world will join in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace and sustainability and to call for serious social, environmental and political change. In the Jamaica chapter 2 community based events will be held.

“Co-Action: Artistes 4 Change” is the first event scheduled to be held on Thursday, September 18th, 6 – 11pm at Nanook Enterprises in Kingston and is free to the public. On Saturday, September 27th, the second event will be held at Jamnesia LIVE, in Bull Bay and will coincide with similar events being held worldwide. Both events are aimed at supporting organisations and artists who are addressing social issues in their own unique way. An important aim is to not only raise awareness of various efforts being undertaken nationally, but to facilitate collaboration, unification and eventual strengthening of these effort.

According to Joan Webley, Managing Director of Nanook Enterprises Ltd, “Co-Action: Artistes 4 Change” and Jamnesia Live will involve performances and presentations of visual artistes, musicians, poets, and dj’s who reflect all the agents of positive social change. “All present are gathered under the shared belief in the power of culture to effect positive socio-economic transformation. They are also coming together to underscore the importance of collaboration and unity in towards the achievement of shared goals: together we can!”

Preview the growth of a movement for change:






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