Menduh Leka-Ferizaj, Kosovo 2014

Organizer: Menduh Leka


A event for 100 TPC that will be held in Ferizaj, Republic of Kosova
at 18.00 pm. The Venue of such event is Bifurcation Restaurant and Bar
near bifurcation. Bifurcation is a rare phenomens, when the river
Nerdime( river of Ferizaj) seperate two branch, which one river flows
on Black Sea and other part of river on Aegean Sea. We are lucky for
this rare phenomenon.

A short description:

A group of poets living in the Ferizaj Area wish to get together and:

1. Discuss a possible agenda of activities to be held in the year
2014-2015 in order to address social, economical or environmental

2. On this evening poetry will be recited poems from poets presents and
associate by the musical piece, to show topic social, economical and
environmental problems.

We wish for the day of 100TPC for change, be the beginning of a
broader intiative and a real commitment of the poets in the area of
Ferizaj. The group of poets don’t belong to any particular organization, but
it is an expression of their free initiative, and they already organize poetry
events in the area of Ferizaj and outside.

Regargs from Ferizaj, Kosova


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