Rama Krishna Perugu-Nellore, India 2014

ORGANIZER: Rama Krishna Perugu

CONTACT: perugu.ramakrishna@gmail.com



Dear Michael and Terri,

My continuous association with you this fourth year to organise 100 TPC 2014.
On 27-09-2014 at Sannidhi Publications Hall 100 TPC for Change went well in Nellore City,
Andhra Pradesh, India, Editor in Chief of Sannidhi bilingual Web Journal Allu Bhaskar Reddy
chaired the session. Our poster represents the Environment change. A Reasearch scholar Chandramouli
spoke about Environmental conciousness. Then the poetry recitation commenced by Group of (4)
young girls by reciting Vedas-Agni sooktham.

Smt Raani recited a poem on Women
Smt Sireesha recited poem on Environment
Kum Prathipalakshmi recited a poem on Environment
Smt Sujana Perugu recited a free verse of nostalgia
Smt Indiramma recited a short poem
Mr Sivakrishna, teacher, recited a poem on Old aged persons
Mr Perugu Ramakrishna recited a poem on contemperory issues
Mr Allu Bhasker Reddy recited a Sanskri poem on Master.


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