Waco, Texas 2014

Got something to sing, say, or tell about change? Join this GLOBAL moment as Waco raises voices in solidarity with the world on Saturday September 27, 2014 ~ 7pm ~ Waco Convention Center ~ WordFest Stage.

Artists of all ages, levels, styles, genres, and languages are invited to share poems, songs, stories, reflections, rhythms, and more about CHANGE, PEACE, SUSTAINABILITY, & JUSTICE.  No registration required, open mic sign-up will be available at event.

Many voices | One dream

Creating Change :: 100Thousand Artists for Change Writing Workshop will be held Saturday afternoon.  Please click here for full festival schedule.

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Special Guest Emcee: Fernando Arroyo

Fernando Arroyo - Waco, TX

Fernando Arroyo can be found sharing ideas and stories with family, friends and folks in his neighborhood across the street or the continent. Although his university training was in biology and chemistry it is the music that flows from a thriving local and global community of reciprocity, love, and mutuality that fuels his work. His experience includes being on staff and on the board of a number of nonprofit and for-profit organizations improving affordable housing, global food security, youth violence reduction, youth entrepreneurship, immigrant advocacy, public and private education, and community and economic development. His mission is to serve as a catalyst for peace, healing, justice, and reconciliation. Contact him at: lfarroyo@gmail.com.

Sponsoring Event: Waco WordFest
Organizer/Contact: Jenuine Poetess
Social Media: Facebook; Twitter

Waco Artists for Change :: Artistas por el Cambio

If you are interested in PUBLISHING your pieces on CHANGE, PEACE, SUSTAINABILITY, & JUSTICE on this GLOBAL PLATFORM please email your original work to: wordfest[at]wacoartsfest[dot]org. Please type “100TPC 2014 Blog Submission.” Include your name, as you’d like it to appear & your current city/country Writings (doc/docx), artwork (jpeg), and sound/video submissions are welcome.

[bullet proof poems]

I was in front of the milk
when I almost lost it
knees buckled
I held the door
I checked out
chin quivering
trying to keep myself together
you can’t just
in the middle of the grocery

but you see
there were so many
beautiful babies there
with bright eyes
and dazzling smiles
playing and laughing
too young for school
not yet educated
about how
dangerous is their skin
deep dark brown
creamy coffee
they haven’t been labeled yet
set on a path to prison
or the morgue
before graduation
they haven’t grown
to an intimidating stature
of six foot, human
haven’t flipped up hoodies
to walk in the quiet of night
lost in their own world of
music and reverie
haven’t become
societies most wanted
behind bars
no one has yet
snuffed out their light

I hurry to my car and
fumble with keys
I close the door
I am undone

ugly heaving sobs
erupt from my depths
the cries come in
unceasing waves
pummeling my body
all the way home
I drive through
torrential tears
in my driveway
still crying
until I heave
this grief is sickening
I gasp
trying to catch my breath
I think I have
sorrow-induced asthma
I close my eyes
taking deep breaths
to find air
to still this storm

inside my room
I am suddenly weary
wrung dry

what can I do
what can I do
what can I possibly do

I would wrap
bullet proof poems
around every child I see
in the halls
on our streets

what can I do
what can I do
what can I possibly do

I will be conscious
I will be different
I will be
and teach
and foster
I will wield words
remaining unsilent
telling the truth
and over
and over
and over
and over
in quiet
even when it shakes

I will be the change
the medicine

I will listen
I will hold
I will be curious
I will cry
I will scream
I will poem
I will stand
I will ask questions
I will ache

Jenuine Poetess
August 2014 | Waco, Texas, United States


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