Igor Goldkind -San Diego, California 2014

Organizer: Igor Goldkind

Contact: igor@subversion.biz

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Poetry Picnic Marathon in Balboa Park, San Diego

Hi, I’m Igor Goldkind, a local San Diego poet. Me and Jon Rippo, editor of Expresso Newspaper and Mario Torero, Peruvian muralist and on of the Centre Cultural committee are pulling together a last ditch, better late than never event for 100K Poets for Change on the 27th of September.

We’re having a Poetry Happening where we’re inviting everyone to just come and read outside while listeners sit around, eat picnics, play with their kids, chase their dogs, play with their smart phones, and enjoy the back ground sound of words moving through air.

Poets are more than welcome to come and read their work while poetry afficiandos are invited to read their favourite work in the theme of Change.

We want to encourage children to take the podium to show that standing up in front a crowd of strangers and speaking from your heart is not only do-able it’s a good thing. Come and join us if you’re in San Diego that weekend. Venue being finalized in Balboa Park and posters and eent website going up next week.

Thank you and good night!



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