Charlie Huisken-3 Events- Toronto 2014

ORGANIZER: Charlie Huisken


This Toronto 100 Thousand Poets for Change took place in 3 events:

1) Found in Translation:
Yosefa Raz (born in Jerusalem, mother tongue Hebrew, educated in Bay Area, USA)
Dominique Russell (multi-lingual, editor of “Rape in Art Cinema”)
Jim Smith (reads Spanish, author of “Happy Birthday, Nicanor Parra,” actually showed up on Parra’s doorstep un-announced)
Bänoo Zan (mother tongue Persian, recites Hafez and ghazels from memory)
So that’s 4

2) Circus Maximus (references to on-going house reading soiree called Circus and Olson) with
 bpNichol Lane Writers’ Group
, Charlie Huisken (reading Paul Blackburn, all the rest read original work), 
Michael Boughn,
Emily Izsak, 
Oliver Cusimano
, Adam Turgeon, 
Brad Shubat, 
Victor Coleman, 
Jonathan Pappo, 
Alex Cottreau, 
and David Peter Clark

3) Evening:
Bread & Honey featured poet Stephen Cain (author of “Torontology”)
Lloyd Mangal (lives in a shelter, real-life in all senses street poet)
Glen Hall
, Ron Gaskin, 
Ted Phillips (trio giving a poetic sample of November concert invoking William S. Burroughs)
, { AN } Eel (aka Neal Retke, reading poems by neo-surrealist friends and original sound poetry)
, Johnny MacLeod (founder of legendary punk band Johnny and the G-Rays)

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