100TPC World Conference-Salerno, Italy 2015 announcement

LOGO sail OK

 6 Continents, 16 countries, 35 cities confirmed so far!

The first 100 TPC World Conference is looking good!!!

Join us…June 3-8th.Stampa

Athens, Greece

Belgrade, Serbia

Cairo, Egypt

Mumbai, India

Shimla, India

Delhi, India

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hyderabad, India
Accra, Ghana

Berlin, Germany


Lagos, Nigeria

Malinalco, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico

Yorkshire, UK

Ferizag, Kosovo

Tel Aviv, Israel

Oss, Netherlands

Strumica, Macedonia

Liverpool, UK

Paris, France

Salerno, Italy

Torino, Italy

Milan, Italy

Fiesole, Italy

St. Louis, MO

Hewitt, TX

Decatur, GA

Chicago, IL

Rabat, Morocco

New Orleans, LA

Sacramento, CA

Salerno, Italy

San Luis Obispo, CA

San Francisco, CA


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