Ava Bird-Santa Monica, California 2015

Organizer:  Ava Bird

Contact:  ompoem@hotmail.com

katmandushow ava bird creations brings:

A special art and poetry splash!   with colors and spices!

Saturday September 19th,  3pm til….

Katmandu Boutique,

1844 lincoln blvd   santa monica

super host:  Reena Gauchan

with homemade vegan nepalese food   (BYO recyclable plate and utensils)

This regularly spectacular event will feature a unique art show exploring the cosmic vibrancy inside the connections of the multiverses, eternal energies, the here and now and the local intimacy of the beloved sanctuary at Katmandu Boutique.

Journeying through L.A. in deep pulsating color and into the beyond inside cosmic oil paintings:  colorific, moving, lively, this exhibit will highlight the deep expanse of space and movement in an abundant flow of awakening vibrant images and stimulating the warm prismatic light stirring in our souls.    

Complementary poetry sharing with 100 thousand YOGI POETS for CHANGE!

Poems with spice and vision!  All poets welcome.
Feel free to share your  poetic inspirings and visions of a better world.

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