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100,000 Poets for Change with

Rebeca Lane

Rebeca Eunice Vargas (Rebeca Lane) was born in Guatemala City on December 6th 1984. She was born in the middle of a civil war and was named after her aunt
that had been kidnapped and disappeared by the military government in 1981 because of her political involvement in the guerrilla movement.

As a poet she’s been committed to her liberation as a woman and the heterosexual roles imposed on her body, and the colonization and militarization of the land she’s
been born in. She’s been published in several magazines in Guatemala, Puerto Rico and México, and keeps her words in her blog “Mujeres de bolsa grande y
zapatos bajos”.

Her rap lyrics are about her experience in a female body and the struggle of women against sexism. She also speaks out about social problems in guatemalan society such as the consequences of war and the lack of justice. In 2014 she won the first place in the contest “Proyecto L” that was looking for music that enforces freedom of speech with the song “Cumbia de la Memoria”. In this song she discusses the genocide perpetrated by military government during the war. She’s been working in a new EP “Poesía Venenosa” to be released on December 2014 in collaboration with Juliano a french Hip Hop producer. She also works as a
sociologist with publications and lectures about urban cultures and youth identities, and more recently on education and its role on social reproduction of inequity.

Fe Evaone

Felicia Montes is a Xicana Indigenous artist, activist, community & event organizer, educator, FEmcee, designer, poet, and performer living and working in the Los Angeles area. Known throughout the southwest as an established Xicana cultural worker of a new generation, she creates with In Lak Ech and Urban Xic and is the founding executive director of Mujeres de Maiz. She has worked on various transnational art and organizing efforts including work with the Zapatistas, Peace & Dignity Journeys and La Red Xicana Indigena. Felicia graduated with a B.A from UCLA in World Arts & Cultures with a minor in Chican@ Studies, a M.A in Chican@ Studies from Cal State Northridge, and a M.F.A from Otis College of Art & Design in Public Practice Art. Check her out at

Sista Eyerie

Born in East LA raised in Guanatos, allowed Sista Eyerie to document a life between two worlds through music, poetry and HipHop. Spanglish was her everyday vernacular and she readily accepted that. Sista Eyerie set out to make music for everyone, regardless of who spoke the language. The music is the language. It is universal, it is global, it is magnetic and liberating and that is what she works to achieve in her music. She writes, rhymes, sings and engages in sound so that her music can speak for itself, for the people, for our struggles and most importantly for our testament of resilience. Music is Sista Eyerie’s weapon of love & liberation.

* more to be announced

Screening of:

“Ayotzinapa: Cronica de un Crimen de Estado”




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