Tripura Poetry Society-Agartala, West Tripura, India 2015

Organizer: Bhaskar Roy Barman-Tripura Poetry Society

Tripura Poetry Society, Agartala is going to organize a 100 Thousand Poets Peace Meet at  Banamalipur (Middle), Agartala, West Tripura, Tipura, India on 30 September 2015 at 6 pm in collaboration with Sahitya Adda (Literary Rendezvous), Agartala.

South Bank of Girls Bodhjung Dighi
Itakhola Road, Banamalipur (Middle)
Agartala 799 001, West Tripura, India
Mobile: 0961215467
Founder & Director:
Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman

100 Thousand Poets for Peace Event

Tripura Poetry Society, Agartala in collaboration with Sahitya Adda (Literary Rendezvous) organized a 100 Thousand Poets for Peace event on 3 October 2015, Saturday, at 6 pm at the house of Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman, Banamalipur (Middle), Agartala, West Tripura, India, Founder and Director, Tripura Poetry Society, and Patron, Sahitya Adda (Literary Rendezvous) in a homely and congenial atmosphere. Only silence presided over the event, but no one chief-guested or guested it, as is the rule of the Sahitya Adda (Literary Rendezvous) which collaborated in organizing the event. All the speakers, all the poets and all the singers present addressed their speeches, their poems and their songs to the silence that presided over the event. Majority of the guests hobnobbed about how to help establish world peace and listened to poems being read, speeches being delivered and songs being sung.

Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman delivered the address of welcome. In his welcome address, Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman spoke of the importance and significance of the this day which was being organized throughout the world under the banner of ‘100 Thousand Poets for Peace,’ USA, and said that it was the first time that Tripura Poetry Society, Agartala was organizing this internationally and historically Important event in collaboration with the Sahitya Adda (Literary Rendezvous), Agartala. Then Mr Prantosh Karmakar presented the inaugural song. The inaugural song was followed by two poems read by Dr Arundhari Roy, an eminent poet. Then Mr Jitendrajit Sinha, a distinguished educationist in his erudite speech grieved over how the present students are being alienated from books outside of the syllabi in a mad rush for career building and do not bother about what is happening around them. Siuli Roy, Babli Dey and Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman and others read their poems on world peace. Siuli Roy Sang a solo song and then she and Prantosh Karmakar presented a duet song to mark the end of the event. Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman gave the vote of thanks.

Submitted by
Dr Bhaskar Roy Barman
Agartala, West Tripura, India

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