Anish Vyavahare-Thane, Maharashtra, India 2016

ORGANIZER: Anish Vyavahare



We are so excited to collaborate with 100 Thousand Poets for Change for the 62nd PT. 100TPC specifically aims to use poetry as a medium for effecting change and to start conversations. You can check them out

Under this collaboration, Poetry Tuesday invites you to talk about Mumbai. Wherever you live, wherever you love, talk about it. Talk about what you like, what you dislike. Be specific, be real. Be serious, be funny, be angry, be positive. It is your city and we want your perspective. Keep it fresh, keep it honest. Write what needs to be written, evoke what needs to be evoked. Extra points for making it entertaining and positive!

This time, we are going to have registrations on a first come first serve basis. Some poets will perform by invitation as well. And we are going to read only on theme. You can perform in any language and there are no entry fees.

This is our 62nd PT, in the 5th year since we began, and we are very excited! We recently started:
1 – PT Bengaluru – our very own sister arm in Namma Bengaluru!
2 – Vaze College PT – our first captive property for students and staff of Vaze and other colleges.
3 – PT Fast-track – A programme for those looking to improve their writing and get feedback on it.

We also have a Youtube channel you will find at The Poetry Affair of Indiaon facebook.

A big shoutout to our Online Radio Partners Radio City Freedom.

Maxmeet Social is a series of evenings that gives us a chance to unwind and meet interesting people who have similar interests like ours. If you want to start a Maxmeet Social evening in your city, corporate or voluntary organisation, contact Anish Vyavahare.

That is it, see you on the 4th!


Tying up with 100 Thousand Poets for Change (Official), we decided to talk about Mumbai. This was also the first time we tried registrations. Not to mention a while host of awesome poets who turned up for the event, including Anant Mutreja, Eloise Lisboa, Hussain Haidry, @[572603Idea Smith], Mihir Chitre, Naveen Chourey, Ramneek Singh, Varun Garg. Host: Anish Vyavahare Photos: Savio Pashana

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