Edoardo Giacomini -BIBLOS MONTEROSI-Monterosi, Italy 2016

ORGANIZER: Edoardo Giacomini
CONTACT: info@biblosmonterosi.org

Saturday evening, 24 of September 2016, at the picturesque setting of the square in front of the town hall of Monterosi (an Italian town in the province of Viterbo), was held an appointment of cultural content that has seen starring the Poetry.

The event, organized by Biblos and sponsored by the City of Monterosi, represented a contribution to the wider global poetry event called “One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change”.

The theme on which it has developed the event, held this year for the first time in Monterosi, covered the feeling of empathy, which, as we know, it is the ability to understand the state of mind of others, that is “to put yourself in someone else’s shoes”. In this context , whereas this event was held at a distance of exactly one month after the tragic earthquake that hit central Italy, we wanted to take this also to contribute in our small way, to the chain of solidarity that many have moved to be close to those who are suffering and are in a state of discomfort in those areas affected by the earthquake. In fact, thanks to the collaboration of the Italian Red Cross, Committee of Nepi-Castel S. Elia-Monterosi, spontaneous donations collected at the end of the evening were donated for earthquake reconstruction efforts.
Godmother of the evening was the actress Alessia Francescangeli, while for reading the poems, duly selected by the writer Loriana Lucciarini, you have alternated the voices of the actress and singer Claudia Tortorici and the actor Riccardo Giacomini. The musical accompaniment was provided by the master Valerio Andreoli and by some components of the Band “St. Cecilia” in Monterosi led by Matteo Taratufolo. During the evening she performed the singer Elisabetta Gismondi.

In his introductory speech, the president of Biblos Edoardo Giacomini explained the purpose of the event and thanked the Municipality of Monterosi for having sponsored the initiative. The Mayor, Dr. Sandro Giglietti, in expressing his satisfaction at the end of the evening, called for increased attention and participation to the activities that help to promote the culture, why are the projects and ideas to move the world and human consciousness.’

Biblos Monterosi Text of poems PDF

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