Fadill Curri- Kastriot (Ish Obiliq), Kosova 2016

ORGANIZER: Fadill Curri

CONTACT: adil_45.curri@hotmail.com

Kosova supports and supports a global network of poets, ” 100,000 poets for change ‘!

In the municipality of Kastriot (Former Obilic) in Kosova there was held a literary hour, “Autumn Poetry in Kastriot.” Kastriot poets called For Peace and Justice In The World in support of the global network of poets, “One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change.”

On 27 September, 2016 poets in Katriot read their poetry poet from 26 different cities of our country: Skopje, Presevo, Vushtrri, Gjilan Besiana (former Podujevo), Drenasi, other Kosovo Polje. While singing in the city of Kastriot, we enjoyed popular folklore Rhapsody of Sir. Tahir Seferi. The Mayor of Kastriot municipality, Sir. Xhafar Gashi, and director of culture Madam Fitore (Victory) Hashani, took care to attend the literary hour, at the initiative of Sir. Fadil H. Curri. They also shared gratitude for literary poets of the excellent class of participants. This literary event was very successful and at the highest level and we intend that this kind of literary event becomes a tradition in the future. The and Poets and Writers entire global network greet you warmly poets and writers from Kosovo and poet Sir. Fadil H. Curri.

With all respect to the world network of poets of 100 Thousand Poets for Change, we send photographs of the participant poets from the municipality of Kastriot (former Obilic) as evidence of our event. Your friend, Sir. Fadil H. Curri



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