Today…Dec. 3rd-Belem (Bethlehem) Brazil Event


belen-brazilSaturday, 03 December 2016 Belem, Brazil!

100 thousand poets & musicians for change – event of the Amazon 2016

[again in Bethlehem the event “100 thousand poets & musicians for changes”] – event of the Amazon

Today, Saturday, 03, in the lobby of the cultural centre sesc boulevard, it will be the scene of ” Bethlehem, Port-poem of the amazon “, theme of the ” 100 thousand poets & musicians for changes ” this year. The programming starts at 18 pm with free entry. The event is a realisation of the sesc.

With About 30 Poets & musicians present, the event of the Amazon is a kind of food of the soul ‘ through music and poetry. The Sesc Boulevard has quite adequacy and the event will begin at the time of the setting of the sun.

In a scenario of wars, corruption, violence and the like, the poets and activists Americans, Michael Rothenberg and Terry Terri Carrion imagined a few years ago as it would be great if poets of various places on the planet, in a same day of the year, Get together in public square in your city or community and through their art, give more encouragement to the quest for world peace, sustainability, and the increasing integration of justice in the world, always for demonstration of local and global solidarity. At first it was ” 100 thousand poets for change ” (a hundred thousand poets for change), in the following year, the musicians have joined the poets, and the event it was renamed to ” 100 thousand poets & musicians for change ” (” 100 thousand poets & musicians for changes “).

Going on for the third time in the Amazon and in Bethlehem, the “100 thousand poets” is a proposal to the spread of peace.

According to the proposal of the nominate, the goal of the 2016 theme is to show our commitment and way of valuing our artistic activity, be it poetic or musical.

Stressing the need for the arrival of the creative to the site, as of 17 hours.

Attend, take your family and help you, too, to build a better world.


“100 thousand poets & musicians for changes”

Achievement: Sesc Boulevard
Seal of Cleo Oliveira
Direction: João Urubu
Organizer: Benny Franklin

This Saturday, 03, from 18 o ‘ clock in the hall of the cultural centre of Sesc Boulevard (AV. Boulevard Castilhos Museum France, in front of the station of the docks).

Information: (91) 98154-3219

Free entry

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