Fadil Curri – Kastriot, Kosova 2017

Organizer: Fadil Curri

Contact:  fadil_45.curri@hotmail.com

Dear Friends

On 29 September 2017. In Obiliq, Directorate of Culture, Youth and Sports, held the poetic Manifestation “THE POETRY AUTUMN IN OBILIQ”, in the framework of international activity (100,000 poets of the world for change). The second (II) edition of the poetic manifestation was held at the Municipal Assembly Hall in Kastritot (Former Obiliq). For the history of the global network of poets, (100,000 poets of the world for change) spoke the writer and poet from Obiliq ztr. Fadil H. Curri. All the poets-poets participating after the declarations of their poems were honored with a gratitude from the Directorate of Culture, Youth and Sports, the poetical manifestation of the member of the Association of Writers of Kosova, the writer and the poet. Fadil H. Curri …

Thank you to the Director of Culture (Mrs. Fitore Hashani).
We are grateful …

Warm regards to you, and all the poets of the world. Your friend
Writer and Poet

Sir. Fadil H. Curri

— with Diellza Brahimi and Rudi Berisha.

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