Faruk and Drita Buzhala – Ferizaj, Kosovo 2017

ORGANIZER: Faruk and Drita Buzhala
CONTACT: derada2012@hotmail.com

01 October 2017   100 Tpc – Ferizaj/Kosovo, Poetry Reading: “From Ferizaj with love”

Today in the community center a poetry reading was held with the motto “From Ferizaj with love” which was organized by the literary society “De Rada” as part of the activities of the global artistic community “100 thousand poets for change”. The idea for this event came from Michael Rothenberg and Terry Carion who founded the organization in 2011. The idea was to get as many poets from different parts of the world to stand up to injustice and cruelty which make the world an ugly place. In Ferizaj, this activity has been organized annually ever since 2012, gathering many poets who through their art convey a message of peace and unity among people. A total of 16 poets participated in today’s poetry reading. It opened with the poem “If—“ by Rudyard Kipling, read by Shkëndije Azemi, and closed with a reading of Pablo Neruda’s poem “Die Slowly” by Zyrafete Shala.

The poets who contributed to this year’s poetry reading are:

  1. Edona Salihu with “Come Tonight, My Old Man”
  2. Selvije Rexhepi – Shefkiu with “Fragments of Time”
  3. Verona Misini with “Does the Universe Have an End?”
  4. Vita Gashi – Halili with “Ages”
  5. Tahire Berisha – Abazi with “I can(‘t) Live Without You”
  6. Ramadan Aslanni with “Dea Dard”
  7. Mirlinda Koxha wih “Sadness Approaching”
  8. Sami Vranovci with “Empty Voice In Emptiness”
  9. Rinesa Rama with “Picked Flower”
  10. Faruk Buzhala with “A Random Day”
  11. Laureta Osmani with “For You, Rahovicë”
  12. Nerxhivane Sejdiu with “Reign of Evil”
  13. Elsa Isufi with “Poem”
  14. Diamant Enver Goga – Sherreti – “After eruption”
  15. Alketa Bekteshi with “To My Grandmother”


Faruk Buzhala (The leadership of the literary society “De Rada”) would like to thank the participants who were willing to become part of this artistic movement and join other poets from many different countries in the world in seeking change.

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