Edoardo Giacomini -BIBLOS MONTEROSI-Monterosi, Italy 2017

ORGANIZER: Edoardo Giacomini
CONTACT: info@biblosmonterosi.org

A cultural evening dedicated to poetry in Monterosi

On Saturday, September 30th, 2017, the Biblos Association organized the 2nd edition of the cultural event ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’ in Monterosi (Viterbo, Italy).
Topic of this year was “When the soul vibrates”: life is made of so many facets and intense moments that poetry can express with its evocative power and its lyricism; emotions, then, turn into words by creating moments of light.

The actress Alessia Francescangeli was the hostess of the evening for the second time, and the readings were interpreted by the actor Riccardo Giacomini, accompanied by music quartet ‘Santa Cecilia’ of Monterosi, and led by Matteo Taratufolo.

The audience was interested and attentive, and expressed appreciation for the choice of selected poems, some of which have been read by the same authors: Silvana Cenciarelli, Rosalba Di Vona, Barbara Eramo, Loriana Lucciarini, Nadia Pascucci, Marta Tempra and the fourteen-year-old Elsa Berardi.

The second part of the evening consisted of interesting interviews with some guests of honor, who were celebrated for their commitment in the field of poetry and artistic culture.

The first guest of honor was Matteo Cotugno, contemporary poet and anthology curator, who works with passion and dedication to spread poetic verses in the world.

Later, the actor and voice actor Stefano De Sando (Robert De Niro’s Italian voice), who is deeply passionate about the poetry world, delighted the audience by reciting poems with energy and great interpretative effectiveness. Then he introduced and interviewed the third guest of honor, Gabriele Furiosi, poet and scientist of mind and behavior, who has also read some of his poems.

At the end of the evening, Edoardo Giacomini, President of the Biblos Association, thanked the audience and all of the guests, and expressed his intention to continue this initiative even in the future. He has observed that public readings can play an important role in building and educating an audience about poetry.

Representatives of the Mayor who has been the delegate to the culture, Elisabetta Giovannesi, expressed her satisfaction and appreciation with the results achieved by the event.


Le poesie di Loriana Lucciarini a Centomila poeti per il cambiamento Monterosi 2017
Bellissima serata di musica e poesia, emozioni e versi! Grazie a Biblos Monterosi per l’organizzazione dell’evento, grazie al Quartetto Santa Cecilia per l’accompagnamento musical…

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