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Kosovo organizes international activity “100 thousand poets for change”

Poets become part of the change with the artistic word

Kosovo, Gjakova, September 30, 2017 – It was crowded with poets and performers of literary activities at the Cultural Palace “Asim Vokshi” in Gjakova, where creators from all over Kosova, Albania, Macedonia etc, joined the motto of the international activity “100 thousand poets for change “. Within this activity, the League of Poets, Writers and Artists “Pegas Kosova” organized a literary-artistic meeting, bringing together dozens of associations of writers and creative individuals from all over Albanian lands. In fact, motto and activity belong to a wide geographic extent, including hundreds and thousands of poets from all over the world, who with the power of speech can bring about changes and improvements in human society.

For many years, Pegas has been attached to numerous organizations of world creators, and at the same pace, they jointly raise awareness about issues such as right to speech, freedom of thought, borderless movement, peoples and cultures, religious tolerance , interethnic respect, away from gender discrimination, breaking taboos, stopping racial and social prejudices, etc., all of which would provide the conditions for universal peace.

Pointing to the role of poets in the key moments of Albanian history, when the politics and the local diplomacy were absent, Migena Arllati, chairman of “Pegas”, kept the message “Every country needs its poets”. Likewise, Arlati attributed to the poets a very high appreciation for preserving and promoting the values ​​of the Albanian language, saying that the poets are the peak of each nation’s art, they made the Albanian language occupy the highest Pantheon, the value the most sublime of our senses and our Albanian being.

Poet and activist Teuta Hadri talked about the role of poetry in building the personality of man and age. According to her, poetry is love, politics, freedom and every concept that man needs to live in. While Lulzim Logu, chair of the Tropoja Writers Club, bringing his greetings to many creators, said he believes in the culture mission as an integrating bridge in our western union and civilization.

The meeting was conveyed with love to speech and poetry, while the many performances by the creators themselves brought many different motifs. Another impulse, the creators took while walking through the city center, where they organized themselves to enjoy moments of inspiration in front of Mother Teresa’s statue as well as in Ali Podrimja’s bust. They cordially focused on numerous moments of conversation, smiles, and there was not even the music where united all in the crowd sang near the shore of the river Krenaalong the shore of the river Krena.

The entire activity came under the support of the Directorate of Culture of Gjakova.

On this occasion, titles for the personalities of art and the best creator of the year were distributed:

  1. Murteza Xaje Nura – Title for Life Work (after death)
  2. Sulejman Lokaj – Career Price
  3. Sejdi Berisha, poet of the year
  4. Shaqir Foniqi, publicist of the year
  5. Smajl Smaka, translator of the year
  6. Esat Loshaj, literary and cultural event of the year
  7. Masar Kupa, painter of the year
  8. Fatmir Hoxha, sculptor of the year
  9. Fahri Xharra, the researcher of the year
  10. Gurakuq Dobruna, the designer of the year
  11. Heset Ahmeti – Exponent of values ​​throughout the Albanian diaspora
  12. “Pegas” branch in Klina – the most active branch


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