Paul Corman-Roberts, Fred Dodsworth, Bob Booker- Beat Museum, San Francisco, CA 2018

ORGANIZERS: Paul Corman-Roberts, Fred Dodsworth, Bob Booker- Beat Museum

CONTACT: Paul Corman Roberts

TIME: Sep 29 at 12 PM – Sep 30 at 6 PM PDT

LOCATION: The Beat Museum, 540 Broadway at Columbus Ave, San Francisco



The 11th Beat Museum Poetry Festival & 100,000 Poets for Change Hosted by Paul Corman-Roberts and Fred Dodsworth



The 11th Annual Beat Museum Poetry Festival and 100 Thousand Poets for Change present a weekend long festival, that will include a Friday night kickoff event featuring Maw Shein Win, Cassandra Dallett, Josiah Luis Alderate and more TBA.

The festival will continue at the Beat Museum on Saturday, September 29th commencing at 12 PM, and rolling on through Sunday, September 30th at 6 PM with an afterparty to follow.

Slated to appear are Bay Area greats Kim Shuck, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Marguerite Munoz, Fred Dodsworth, Jessica Loos, Paul Corman-Roberts, Kirk Lumpkin, Bill Gainer, Alexandra Kostoulas, MK Chavez, Youssef Alaoui, Raina De Leon, Preeti Vangani, Natasha Dennerstein, Amelia Alvarez, Allen Fleming, Black Lyrics Ileah, Clive Matson, Terry Adams, Diane Mooney, Carl Macki, Dale Jensen, Jessica Loos, Alexandra Naughton, Mary Marcia Casoly, Anne Cheliek,,Daniel Ari, Peter Kline, Gary Horsman w. Bill Haines, Chris Olander, Norm Mattox, Cara Vida, Tracy Knapp, Matthew Siegel, Bill Vartnaw, Q.R. Hand, Jeanne Powell. Michael Joseph ArchAngelini, Colleen McKee, Matthew Siegel, Brittany Perham, Naomi Quinonez, Nicole Henares, Abe Becker, Garrett Murphy, William Taylor Jr.,,Peggy Morrison, Ben Gucciardi,Gary Turchin, Leah Lubin, Cesar Love, Esther Kamkar, KR Morrison, Richard Loranger, Gwynn O’ Gara, Carol Dorf,, Caroline Goodwin, Carol Denney, Richard Martin, Joe Cottonwood and more!


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