Roy Anthony Shabla & Clifton Snider-Downey, California 2018

ORGANIZER: Roy Anthony Shabla


the september green salon is 100k poets for change, a worldwide event supporting social and political equanimity.

we are looking for short filmmakers to offer 3 minute films with social themes. a full-length film will be featured.

we are also looking for artists to exhibit their work — peace love and macrame appreciated.

we want to have voter registration and political information, including short talks by politicians. the mayor of downey is scheduled.

there will be writing workshops, live music, open mic, vegan food and drink… vintage t-shirts, used books…

the featured poet is sarah tatro.

the featured music is richard torres.

there is much to do — for the event and the world!

participate and enjoy. read a poem to a kid. read a poem to an adult. read a poem to the world. if youre happy and you know it clap your hands. if you want change in the world, raise your hands. and your voices.

the green salon is always the fourth saturday of the month. it will start early, 5pm, once again at my painting studio in santa fe springs, september 22. and it is always a free event.

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