Alina Stefanescu-Birmingham, Alabama 2019

ORGANIZER: Alina Stefanescu


Pollution, Place, and the People: A Collaboration

  • Desert Island Supply Co. Birmingham, AL (map)

Poetry performance and activist panel discussion. A collaboration to celebrate 100,000 Poets for Change and increase awareness and bridge-building around environmental justice issues in Birmingham.

On September 28 from 2-6 pm, we and our partners at Scalawag Magazine and PEN America will be holding the 4th Annual 100 Thousand Poets for Change: Birmingham at DISCO.

Our focus this year will be on Environmental Justice, and the dangerous inequities of soil, air and water pollution in our state.
“Place, Pollution, & The People,” is a community response bringing together journalists, poets, artists, and thinkers on the topic of pollution and its effects on place and person. Please RSVP here and/or on our eventbrite page.

When we say we are from a place–or we live in a place–that means we invest in that place with our bodies, taxes, families, and futures.

Poets will read poems on the topic of Alabama environmental justice and the legacy of pollution on both the land and our bodies. Scalawag Magazine will also curate a panel including local activists, reporters, government officials, artists, and health professionals on the continued effects of environmental pollution and how the community is coming up with solutions.

Refreshments and Bar.

The event is free, but donations to GASP will be gladly accepted.

Articles to inform invitees: Series of articles to read about our approach to the larger issue of environmental justice and reparations:

GASP website

Green from Below by Zaina Alsous highlights the intersectional and multidimensional approach to ecological reform

Southerners Combating White Supremacy Profile: Esther Calhoun by Salaam Green discusses the specific effects of environmental racism on Black Belt communities as well as the ways in which journalists can partner to strengthen grass-roots efforts

Southerly x Scalawag Series on Environmental Justice highlighting the health effects and its relationship to infrastructure

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