Lorraine Campbell-The Tobermory Muses-Tobermory, Ontario, Canada 2019

COORDINATOR: Lorraine Campbell hlcampbell58@gmail.com The Tobermory Muses

September 26, 2019

Hello Michael,

Well, we had fun today, as did the nearly 50 school children who we visited. Tobermory is a very small town, with a very small school – only a dozen students, several of whom are in kindergarten!- so we decided to drive to the next town, 45 minutes away, and read there. The Bruce Peninsula District School Board is a JK-12 school of roughly 180 students. We visited with the grade 4 and grade 6/7 classes. The two classes combined, then broke into 6 small groups of roughly 8 students each. The groups rotated through each of the six poets involved in sharing their works. Our themes were diverse – wonder, death, local legend, wildlife, ecology, and handicap. The kids had a chance to talk with each writer, to ask questions or make comments, to talk about connections. The kids had had a pre-event exercise in poetry writing, so they were primed and eager to go. It was a wonderful afternoon, and everyone had an opportunity to question, and to be heard. 

I am attaching a picture of the six writers involved, and some of the children. The children have permission to share their photos.

This is great work that you do, thank you for the opportunity to be involved in this global movement.

Kind Regards,


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