Kozeta Zavalani-Bucharest, Romania and Tirane, Albania 2019

This year Saturday, September 28th, when poets in every part of the world held the event 100 Thousand World Poets for Change, I along with Albanian poets Kujtim Hajdari, Anita Hoxha and Natasha Ilia recited our poems with the national flag red and black , at one of the Formenerg hotel halls, Bucharest, Romania, where the award ceremony of the World Poetry Championship was held in a festive atmosphere, with the organizers Olga Grigorov and Trandafir Simpetru.
I honor the Diploma of Excellence from the World Championship Poetry, Bucharest, Romania, September 28, 2019, interpreting our poems, in support of poets around the world where the worldwide event “100 Thousand Poets for Change” takes place.

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