Ruth Van Alstine- Jacksonville, FL 2021

ALL SEPTEMBER! CALL TO POETS, MUSICIANS & ARTISTS: Join other poets, musicians, and artists around the world and share your message in a demonstration/celebration to promote peace, sustainability and justice.. to call for serious social, environmental, and political change in Northeast Florida!

North Florida Poetry Hub invites poets, musicians and artists to join us in September 2021 to celebrate the 100 Thousand Poets 4 Change Initiative by recording your poetry reading, spoken piece, music or art and share your message with the world! We will post these on our dedicated You-Tube channel for the community to view AND send them to 100K Poets For Change to broadcast to the world! SIGN UP on our Chapter Event Page

Archive Video Links:



NORTH FLORIDA POETRY HUB 100 K POETS FOR CHANGE OPEN MIC: September 25th 3 – 4 pm on Zoom.

North Florida Poetry Hub hosts a virtual OPEN MIC with the theme of peace, sustainability and justice.. and to call for serious social, environmental, and political change. Bring your words, music, art, your passion to share with and uplift our community with like-minded friends, both old and new.   RSVP on our Facebook events page

North Florida Poetry Hub put together 2 videos for children to watch, which are on our You-Tube channel which has been distributed to Duval County School teachers (and approved by) and two charter schools in Duval County as well as available to the public and will be viewed by hundreds of school children.


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