Kozeta Zavalani -Tirana, Albania-“Pegasi” 2021

Kozeta Zavalani


Tirana, Albania



Family and Media – the Power of Change

Creator; poets and artists united on September 25, 2021, at 11.00 on

the 14th floor of Cafe Rosa Blu in G-Kam Tower, Tirana, Albania, as

every year on the last Saturday of September in the worldwide event

“100 thousand Poets for Change” we recited from a poem, to change as

little as possible the negative phenomena of society, for the better

and safer future of our children, under motion – Let us not be silent!

As Saint Mother Teresa says – We can not do great things, but we can

do small things with great love – Such was our activity.

There are plenty of concrete actions we can all take to start the



Raising awareness of the various forms of violence against women and

domestic violence is an important element because increased awareness

is the first step towards changing attitudes and behaviors that

promote or allow different forms of violence against women.

Unfortunately, in our Albania during these 9 months, 16 women raped by

their husbands have been killed. So we should not be silent about such


It is the 11th year that we support the idea initiated by Michael

Rothenberg and Terri Carrion to inspire the global community of poets,

to come together not in one place, but in a single day, to write

poetry for the sake of of whatever change they believe is most needed,

locally, nationally and across the planet.

Unfortunately we have become strangers to each other in recent years

it is difficult to get to know our neighbors on the streets, not the

other poets, who live and share our concerns in other countries. So we

need to feel this kind of global solidarity, thinking that we will

make a small difference in the community through the motto: “We are

all angels, let us join forces in our flight towards the future,

protesting against social injustices, unemployment and violence

against women, for a healthy family in a healthy society! ”

Thank you for coordinating the activity of the artist Flutura Maçi

and the participation of the poets Gerta Bandilli, Behare Daja Kasa,

Agim Bajrami, Nurie Baduni, Nezi Plaku-Velaj, Emrije Krosi, Luan

Sheshi, Miranda Troci Derti, Engjellushe Maska, Mina Caushi, Anila

Kodra, Nexhi Baushi and Mikel Zavalani, who graced this day with their

poems. See you in the upcoming activities!



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