Thea Iberall- “Change to Heal, Heal to Change”- Medfield, MA 2022





Title of our event: Change to Heal, Heal to Change

Location: Bellforge Performing Arts Center, 45 Hospital Rd, Medfield, MA 02052

Date and time: Sunday, August 7th, 2022. Noon-4pm (Eastern time)

An afternoon of storytelling and poetry on the ways change affects us: personal change, social change, climate change, change for growth, living in change, awakening through change. Award-winning slam poets, storytellers, and spoken word artists will share their commitment to environmental and social justice issues. This spoken word event is one of the 100 Thousand Poets for Change (100TPC) worldwide events promoting peace, sustainability, and justice calling for social, political, and environmental change.

Performers include:

Jackson Gillman will share poems, songs, and stories in a set called “Songs and Stories for a Small Planet”. He is a talented mime, actor, songsmith and storyteller, and is the recipient of the Oracle Award at the National Storytelling Network. While remaining on-topic, Jackson Gillman’s presentation will also include some hopeful perspectives, some light-hearted satire that can help remind us to still have fun while addressing critical issues. He is the “HUMAN HIGHLIGHT OF POETRY AND EDU-ACTIVISM.”

Thea Iberall has been called ‘a shimmering bridge between heart and mind.’ An inductee into the International Educators Hall of Fame, she writes stories and poetry that springboard from the personal into emotional truths around climate change, racism, and discrimination. Thea’s ecofeminist novel, The Swallow and the Nightingale, is about a 4,000-year-old secret brought through time by the birds. Thea is a member of Northeast Storytellers and is on the leadership team of the Jewish Climate Action Network.

Jamele Adams will share poems on love, identity and voice. He is a celebrated and high energy slam poet whose Tedx Talk on “Race. Love. Freedom.” electrified audiences. He believes that with “love – inclusion – trust” no one will be left out and our ability to come together amongst different beliefs is limitless.

Betsy Johnson, local poet and storyteller, will share poems on journey, transformation, lessons we teach our children, Alzheimer’s, and grounding.

Teddy Lytle freelance performance artist, poet who co-founded a neurodiverse theatre company (Spectrum Theatre Ensemble). He has produced a number of solo shows focused on destigmatizing mental health and addiction.

Deana Tavares (Jummyjeenz) will share poems about  moving through adversity towards healing oneself and the world, weaving in the topic of hope. She is a creatively fluid exhibiting visual artist, published poet, singer/songwriter, and actor. She is an Arts Connect International 2021 Ripple Grant recipient.

Thea Iberall, Ph.D.

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We Did It For You! Women’s Journey Through History – how women got their rights in America, told by the women who were there. It is our sacred trust to carry on the work of our foremothers. Check out our livestreaming events.

The Swallow and the Nightingale – a fable about a 4,000 year old secret brought through time by the birds. A scientist must discover why the swallows of Capistrano are dying as she learns more and more about the social sins of humanity. Guided by a 12th century Sufi poet, she risks her life to heal the world. Are you ready for the Good?

“I sense a fire in your belly for getting people to “wake up” about how we as a society are destroying ourselves.” – Cherie Saunders


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