Edoardo Giacomini Associazione Biblos” of Monterosi-(Viterbo), Monterosi, Italy 2023

On Friday 22nd  of September 2022, the 7th edition of the cultural evening called «One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change» took place in Monterosi (Italy).This edition, organized as usual by the Biblos Association with the moral patronage of the Municipality of Monterosi and the collaboration of the local grass-roots promotional association (Pro Loco), wanted to pay homage to Giuseppe Gioachino Belli (1791-1863), the most important dialect author of the last centuries with his 2,279 Sonnets in the Roman vernacular.After the introductory greetings from the President of the Biblos Association, Adm. Edoardo Giacomini, the President of the Giuseppe Gioachino Belli Study Center in Rome, Prof. Marcello Teodonio, guided the audience in discovering the salient facts of the poet’s life and his copious literary production, a poet who was able to elevate the Roman dialect towards goals of inestimable poetic value.The actors Alessia Francescangeli and Riccardo Giacomini read and performed various Roman sonnets, some of which were written by Belli himself in Monterosi.At the end of the evening, the Mayor of Monterosi, Dr. Sandro Giglietti addressed words of appreciation to the guests who attended, expressing satisfaction with the interesting presentation of high cultural content.





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