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World Bangla Literature Council- Sirajganj, Bangladesh 2013

ORGANIZER: Principal Rikter Hossain, President, World Bangla Literature Council


S.M.Rikter Hossain son of Alhaz Abul Hashem Mondol and Alhaz Firoja Begum, was born on December 31, 1973 in Sherpur district. He is the principal of National Cadet Institute, Sirajganj, President of World Bangla Literature Council & Kobita Club , Sirajganj. He is the publisher of Smaronika Prokasoni. He writes of poem, short story, novel, tourist guide, child story, prose and so on. By this time his three books have been published and other writings are being published in numerous news papers, magazines and joint publications. He is the editor of joint publications, little mag and literature editor of Masik Bichoron(Malaysia). He was the convenar of `World Bangla Literature Festival 2012’. He has already been awarded three times for his outstanding contribution to literature. His Present address S.B.Fazlul Haq Road,Goshala, Sirajganj-6700. Phone: 0088 0751 64980 Cell phone: 0088 01711 945444

100 Tousands poets Chang at Shirajginj

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Bissho Kobi Sommelon Sirajgonj (Footage-02)-28 Sep’2013

Al Mojahidi, Rikter Hossain

Rikter Hossain, Precident, World Bangla literature Cuncil

World poet council'13

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