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Joshua J. Ballard-Asbury Park, New Jersey 2014





ORGANIZER: Joshua J. Ballard




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Joshua J. Ballard-Asbury Park, New Jersey 2013

ORGANIZER: Joshua J. Ballard


Saturday, September 28, 2013
2:00pm until 8:00pm in EDT

The third annual worldwide celebration of the arts is having its second installment in Asbury Park this September 28th!!

This year we will be raising money to benefit TWO great organizations:

“180 Turning Lives Around Inc.” (1)
“Loser Slam Poetry” (2)

Join Host/Curator/Event Coordinator Joshua J Ballard along with innumerable poets, musicians, & artists in finding ways to create macro change on a micro level: Right here in the city by the sea.

Art Curator: Justin William Roberts

There will be poets poeming
There will be musicians musicing
There will be artists arting

Beverages of all sorts will be on sale at the bar. Your patronage to the establishment is paramount, not only in sustaining local business, but also to further foster events of this nature.

There will be raffles with art of all sorts going off all day.
Donations will be accepted at the door, and every raffle ticket you buy will not only be a charitable donation, but will also net you the chance to win a package of wonderfully crafted, sometimes DIY, sometimes packaged, sometimes uncategorizable art goods.

Most importantly, this is a place for artists, musicians, poets, and those who can’t be held down by labels to co-mingle and network with one another in New Jersey’s biggest gathering of people for a benefit.

Last year we had almost 200 people, so get seen.


(1) “180 Turning Lives Around Inc” is a non-profit organization based out of Hazlet (Monmouth County) which provides counseling, shelter & housing, hotlines, crisis teams, training & education, as well as court assistance to victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, rape. It also provides this service to teens, children & women who suffer the effects in their families.

(2) “Loser Slam Poetry” is a not for profit organization in Asbury Park, NJ. Founded 8 years ago by Chad Anderson, it has fostered a large majority of the poets in New Jersey. Currently run by Slam Master Nicole Homer, together with Chad, the two have worked tirelessly to continuously provide a home for those who seek to improve their art for the poetry audience of New Jersey.

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Asbury Park, New Jersey

Organizer: Joshua Ballard Contact: 100,000 POETS FOR CHANGE- ASBURY PARK, NEW JERSEY 100,000 Poets is a worldwide movement that encourages artists of all concentrations, from all around the world, to come together and inspire change in their local community, … Continue reading

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