Poets In Need

Poets in Need is a non-profit (501 c 3) organization providing emergency assistance to poets who have an established presence in the literary community as innovators in the field and a substantive body of published work. Assistance is given only in cases of current financial need that is in excess of and unrelated to the recipient’s normal economic situation and that is the result of a recent emergency (due, for example, to fire, flood, eviction, or a medical crisis).

Tax deductible donations can be sent by check made out to Poets in Need and mailed to:

Poets in Need, PO Box 5411, Berkeley, CA 94705-0411.

Queries about donations or grants may be sent to Lyn Hejinian at lynhejinian@gmail.com and/or Michael Rothenberg at mrwalterblue@gmail.com, who are, respectively, the Treasurer and the President of PIN.

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