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Betty Esperanza – Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2017


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Betty Esperanza-Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2016

OPEN MIC POETRY & BLUES FESTIVAL Saturday, September 24th, 6pm @ Marioposa Le Café 5434 Cote St-Luc rd. Montreal, QC H3X 2C5 514-591-8256 Facebook event page SIGN-UP for your 5 minutes by sending us a picture, a short bio and a … Continue reading

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Teka-Lark – Bloomfield, New Jersey, Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016

Organizer: Teka-Lark Contact: 1635schl@gmail.com Another World is Possible hosted by Teka-Lark Lo We will not be economically terrorized by the rich. Bring your poem about anything. Art is radical. You are free to be you. Join us for 100 Thousand Poets … Continue reading

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Betty Esperanza-Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2015

  Don’t forget – Tranna Wintour to Host 100TPC514 this year! This year we are honoured to have Tranna host our event. Tranna Wintour is an optimistic, spiritual, happy, raunchy, pop-culture-obsessed, fashion-hungry comedienne. She made her comedy debut at an … Continue reading

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Lucid Moose Lit – Long Beach, California 2014


ORGANIZERS: Nancy Lynée Woo and Sarah Thursday

CONTACT: lucidmooselit@gmail.com

EVENT: Lucid Moose Lit press & book launch

DATE: September 28, 2014

TIME: 6-9 pm

LOCATION: St. Luke’s Episcopal Church


LINKS: Website  /  IndieGoGo  /  Facebook  /  Facebook Event  /  Twitter


Lucid Moose Lit engages the literary arts with social justice issues by using poetry and the arts as a vehicle for social change. Our first print anthology, Gutters & Alleyways: Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle, will be released on September 28, 2014 to launch the press! We are proud to collaborate with 100 Thousand Poets for Change to celebrate this launch!


  1. First and foremost, the goal of the book was to simply hold space for marginalized perspectives to emerge, and to grant them dignity and respect.
  2. Second, we wanted to open up the lens of poverty and ask what this really means — who is in poverty? What do they look like? Could it be me or you? We wanted to minimize Othering, maximize empathy, and gather a wide range of viewpoints (which we are happy to say, we think we did).
  3. Third, we hope that sharing these important perspectives will spark conversation about the pressing issues around us, and serve to shed light on the diverse realities of people living below the poverty line.
  4. Then, we hope the conversations may inspire action.

From the National Center for Law and Economic Justice:

  • As of 2013, one out of seven people in the USA are living in poverty.
  • In 2012, 46.5 million people were living in poverty in the United States—the largest number in the 54 years the Census has measured poverty.
  • Almost one out of sixteen people in the USA are living in deep poverty.
  • Racial and ethnic minorities, women, children, and families headed by single women are particularly vulnerable to poverty and deep poverty.

The bottom line? This issue may not be a pretty one, but it is more relevant than ever. Income inequality has been getting worse, and this is a systematic problem that exists at all cross-sections of marginalized demographics. We saw the Occupy movement address economic issues, but what happened after the demonstrations died? We hope to ward off complacency and raise social awareness through the vehicle of literature and art


Global and national poverty are represented in the book, but we aim to start the conversation on our home turf — Long Beach. Here in the 7th largest city in California, an astounding 22% of adults and 33% of children are living in poverty, according to Long Beach Community Action Partnership. The face of poverty is visible on almost every street corner, but it hides in other places, too.

We hope to have an impact on our local community by involving service organizations, non-profit groups, and people with influence in our readings and events. If we raise enough money to put our September 28th event on the city’s radar, we hope to attract the attention of the recently elected Mayor Robert Garcia. His recent conversations have been directed at alleviating poverty in Long Beach. He remarks on the surprising face of poverty:

“I think sometimes people view poverty as someone on the verge of homelessness,” he says. “But you could walk by an apartment building in Alamitos Beach and never know that inside a one-bedroom apartment there could be eight people living there who are experiencing poverty…Poverty can look like anybody.”

This is what Gutters and Alleyways hopes to shed light on: the almost invisible yet pervasive reality of poverty, and subsequently, the potential to build better and healthier lifestyles for all.

Big Vision

The aim of Lucid Moose Lit is to be an activist press with one goal: improve the state of the world for humans, animals, and ecosystems by welcoming multiple perspectives on controversial topics. We aim to be inclusionary by bringing different views together in productive conversation.

As two poets with backgrounds in sociology, social issues are important to both of us. I (Nancy) have always wanted a way to use poetry and art to affect positive change in the world. I would rather do this than anything else because I believe the first step to cultivating a better tomorrow is to begin and continue the conversations that matter. Since poetry helps spread empathy, Lucid Moose Lit aims to publish a wide variety of perspectives on important topics, while hosting events in our local community – so that we may do more than talk; we can start to build real connections with people who are doing work from the ground up.

Lucid Moose has big plans, from working with community organizations to releasing future anthologies. Help support our launch by donating and sharing our IndieGoGo campaign! http://igg.me/at/LucidMooseLit


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100TPC514 2013

See you @L’Escalier in three days!
Post by EThan Yang

With more than 15 poets/poetesses lined up for the night, I don’t know about you, but I am as excited as ever! As a sneak peak, here is the list of participants (in no particular order):

Betty Esperanza
Darcy Corbett
Ethan Yang
Holly Byers
Luna Byron
Lily Svrisky
Mickey Boston
Regimental Oneton
Simon Banderob
McSWAY (Sebastian & Shirley)
Susan Shulman
Wanda Waterman
Bill Kaci
Lily Svirsky
Annie Tsotas
Johny Fma
(This could be you!)

As a reminder, here’s the detail of the night:

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm (poets/poetesses please show up by 5:30pm)
Address: 552 St. Catherine East, right across from Place Emilie-Gamelin

See you all there!

Posted: 06:46, September 25, 2013

On “Racism, Stereotypes, Ethnic Slurs And More” – Deborah/Diana
Post by EThan Yang 

Student at McGill University. Thinker and Dreamer. Opinionated. Sometimes controversial but always honest

“Do You Understand?”
For full version, click here

“We cannot blame heterosexuals for not understanding homosexuals, cis folk for not understanding trans folk, men for not understanding women, Whites for not understanding Blacks, Christians for not understanding Atheists, (…) To blame one group for not understanding another is to miss the larger picture – that each human being lives their own life, and that their experiences, opinions, and reactions to situations are molded by factors as countless as the stars in the sky. Race, class, sexuality, gender, attractiveness, disability, intelligence – the moment we reduce someone to the sum of their traits is the moment we forget to look at them as a person. “

Portrait of a Farmer – James Onono Ojok
Post by EThan Yang 

This year 100TPC514 is pleased to announce a special feature of an Uganda poet, to be read by our MC.

“Portrait of a Farmer”

By James Onono Ojok

She planted her seeds
Waited and weeded
Weeded in tune with tending
And hoped for a better yield
When rain delayed
She laboured with calabash and can
in hand
As she desired a better yield
Darling of the garden
A gardener by origin
Her home village adorned with Tugu palm
Their jewel like fruit cherished in her ancestral home
But the garden of her mind held greater fruits.
Her nation proclaimed the glory of mighty Tugu
Those crops which survived the sun
Had stood still on the hill top
awaiting harvest.
With expectation of bounty
She went to the garden again
A royal arrow cut her down
She cried to no one, “Take care of my harvest!”
Strong blind wind passed by with other harvest
But her garden still stands on the hilltop.
Foreigners enjoy the fruit she planted
As the gardener lies down
Even though she made a wish . . .
That God should protect her harvest
Like a caring farmer.
Everywhere I have looked for her
In my dreams
I have sought for her
Where her garden hangs on the hilltop
Bushes are eating up the hilltop
Though strangers enjoy her crops
She hears no more
She waves as in vision
Her wish
That God should protect her harvest,
For those who need it
For those who care
For those coming with a clean heart.
The caring farmer
Kept her garden
Kept it for strangers
Never did she enjoy her sweat
The caring farmer
Prays for her harvest
Prays for her garden
If you see a woman
Teaching her child
Unborn in her womb,
Tell them both about the uncertainty of the world
Let them know about the caring farmer.

Posted: 05:23, September 15, 2013

Let’s jazz Up for Change – Michael Gauthier Trio
Post by EThan Yang

Have you signed up for your 5 minutes yet? Fill in the online form now

A legend at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Michael Gauthier’s soulful approach to the jazz guitar follows Aaron Copland’s philosophy: “Music should be as simple as possible but no simpler.” A self-taught improviser, Gauthier’s prowess as a performer has placed him on stage with numerous internationally known jazz stars. His playing style evokes the human voice and is influenced by guitarists Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, and Robert Johnson, and singers Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix. His compositions incorporate dancing rhythms, lyrical conversations and a touch of blues. A favorite on the club and festival scene, he can be heard regulary on both local and national radio broadcasts. Mike teaches jazz at l’Université de Montréal, McGill, Bishop’s, and l’Université de Sherbrooke and has also been a jury member for the Alcan Canadian Jazz Competition and le Ministère des Affaires Culturels du Québec.

Watch a video of his performance as a Trio “Fly Me to the Moon”:


Posted: 09:23, September 9, 2013 


Hip Hop Graffiti Artist – Regimental Oneton
Post by Ethan Yang

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Regimental Oneton at the Under Pressure Festival 2013

Regimental Oneton, a long-term participant of 100TPC514, has recently released an album, Enter the 36 Tentacles, with Mic-key “Big Brosky” Byron (scroll down), a work of art “notable for its incredibly witty punchlines and complex pentameters.” Last year he wowed the audience with his rhythmic hip-hop that dealt with international difficulties at a personal level.

Can’t wait to see him? Here is a video of him creating graffiti in downtown Montreal:



Posted: 21:19, September 8, 2013 


Big Brosky 1925 – Mic-key Boston
Post by Ethan Yang 

Have you signed up for your 5 minutes yet? Fill in the online form now. 

Photograph taken by Norman Robert, all rights reserved and used exclusively with permission. I am grateful and thankful to Norman Robert who kindly granted me permission to have this photo on this page.

Mic-key ‘Big Brosky’ Boston was born on Quesnel street in Little Burgendy, Montreal. At first started as a spraycan artist in high school. After almost dropping out, his father pulled him back on track and continuously questioned what he was always writing at the kitchen table. Mic-key started doing hip-hop at the age of thirteen and went public with it at fifteen. he hiphop group JOURNEYMEN alongside producer/emcee John Wholetrain and Queens emcee Melo Malo in 2012. Mic-key Boston has been gradually building his fan base and dropped Journeymen’s debut EP, “Pledge of the Respirator” in March of 2013 which was critically acclaimed and was featured on numerous hiphop shows and blogs from local Montreal radio shows and blogs to Chuck D’s radio show “And You Don’t Stop.” In June 2013, Mic-key Boston finally released his highly anticipated full-length album with controversial graffiti artist Regimental Oneton entitled “Enter the 36 Tentacles” which was signed on Planete Break Records.



Posted: 13:15, September 7, 2013 

Rap, Rap All the Way – Luna Byron
Post by Ethan Yang 

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You may not think that rap is all that glorious, and that it is all to do with gangs, sex and drugs, but when it comes to work from Luna Byron, you have to think otherwise. His rap was chosen as the theme song “IT’S THE BIG BANG” of the 1st edition of 100TPC and since then has gone viral. His message of peace and sustainability still rings strong in our hearts.


Posted: 3:15, September 7, 2013 


A Poet Artist – Susan Shulman
Post by Ethan Yang

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100 TPC 514 will be featuring Susan Shulman at the 3rd edition on September 28th at L’L’Escalier Montréal from 6PM-8PM accompanied by Michael Gauthier Trio. Hop on over from the Berri Metro or take the stairs. Info: (514)591-8256. Click on the picture below to see a new work of art “Blues Bunny,” in collaboration with with the KRIS POHLMANN BAND.

Click to see Video

Posted: 14:24, September 6, 2013 

We Are Young – McSWAY Performance Poetry and Haiku Group
Post by Ethan Yang 

Have you signed up for your 5 minutes yet? Fill in the online form now. 

McSWAY is a place where McGill Students (and others too!) can finally find an outlet for their inner spirit for performance poetry! Whether it’s spoken word, open mic, or simply the desire to return to the oratory tradition of poetry, McSWAY will help you realize that dream through group gatherings and workshops. There is no right or wrong when it comes to McSWAY–just a brave soul and the willingness to share your thoughts about anything. It is a safe space.

McSWAY can be read two ways: (1) “Mc” for McGil and “SWAY” for moving the crowd. This is crucial to the spirit of poetry as this art began as persuasive speech. (2) “McS” for McGill Students and WAY for “We Are Young,” which represents the youthful and sometimes callow rigor to embrace the world, and the ability to unabashedly reveal our raw emotions onstage.

McSWAY loves to do poetry improv. Here is one that the club did during their first ever on campus slam competition:

Posted: 21:34, September 5, 2013 

A Romaing Poet – Darcy Corbett
Post by Ethan Yang

Darcy Corbett is a Canadian spoken word artist currently living in Montreal. He has been wandering around North America for the past twenty years riding freight trains and trying to stay out of jail.
His poetry reflects a period of his life lived as a homeless itinerant drug addict. When he finally got his shit together & rejoined society he decided to write all about it.
Nowadays when he isn’t riding trains and hitchhiking around Quebec & the maritimes he is practising yoga and writing.

Posted: 14:56, September 4, 2013 



The Poet Enthusiast & Our Master of Ceremonies – Betty Esperanza
Post by Ethan Yang

Betty Esperanza is the Organizer and Instigator of 100TPC514 since its inception. She unites and introduces the varied subjects of poetry, slam and spoken word of seasoned artists as well as the discovery of new poets which fuels her passion to organize this event annually.
Among her many talents, and day job, Betty is the Master of Ceremonies for our Third Edition. You can count on her dry humour to get your juices flowing and open your mind up to some new concepts
Gypsy-born, Esperanza’s poetry evokes passion, curiosity and pain from life’s many challenges. Her favourite topic: DEATH. She has produced 27 works of art/poetry in an ongoing International multimedia Fluxus Art Show called ” A BOOK ABOUT DEATH”. Her latest art piece depicting birds dying from the environment by ingesting bottle caps and other plastic items is in the ABAD AUSTRALIA show starting October 18. The bottles caps each have a letter that is related to one poetic line from famous poets, writers and personalities. This idea that we choose life and death came from the concept of Choice ” I’m not what happened to me. I’m what I choose to become.” Carl Jung.
Betty  is a humanitarian, community builder and a creative entrepreneur. Her interests  in the human condition is portrayed through arts and culture,  creative problem solving and collaborations with the disenfranchised.
She is also the Founder of Skateboards For Hope, a sustainable community building project for youth using skateboards as a learning tool currently in Cuba, Jamaica and First Nations. You can hear and watch her as a Speaker at the TEDxYouth Montreal in November.
Read more about it here.
Posted: 20:23, September 3, 2013 
A Montreal Team Finalist – Simon Banderob
Post by Ethan Yang
A First Place winner at the Throw Collective seasonal that won him captain of the Montreal Slam Team of the 2013 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (CFSW), Simon Baderob is an undergrad studying Theatre at Concordia University. A poet from Peterborough, he entered the world of poetry and slam before arriving in Montreal. Below is a recording of him slamming at MAP ES, McSWAY Annual Poetry Exhibition and Slam, during which he rightfully won first place:
Posted: 13:35, September 2, 2013 
The Scipoet – Ethan Yang
Post by Ethan Yang
An ardent scipoet, Ethan Yang is true global citizen. Born in the United States and raised in Taiwan, Canada and China, he is the product of an excruxiating blend of sometimes conflicting cultures. As an undergraduate bichemistry major student at McGill University, he has always been interested in the truths about the world that science has revealed and is has been especially fervent about the poetic imagery brought about in the explication of these facts. Although writing about science is not a novelty, the coinage of the term “scipoetry,” “scipoem” and other related terms (except sciku) to describe this genre is. To date he is the president of McSWAY, a performance poetry group at McGill University, has been published in various university magazines and participated in local performances. Below is an example of a recent “scipoem” he has written:

Sixth Dimension

It’s screwed into my mind
as a first kiss is—awful then, rosy now.
Was that really my first?
Wasn’t it just as true to have been the last we had
before we had been unborn?
Didn’t we hold hands to let them go?
Couldn’t it also have easily been a figment
of my imagination imagining the figment
of your imagination imagining this figment
of our imagination imagining our embrace?
Can you honestly disprove the Matrix?
No. No. But I swear, I swear
of all the possibilities of realities,
of the countless vibrations of energies,
I know that we must have kissed,
as much we chose this real existence.
Truth be told:
At least we still hold hands in the sixth dimension.

Posted: 17:15, September 1, 2013 
Wanda Waterman
Post by Ethan Yang
A new participant to 100TPC514, Wanda shares a poem that strives to show the evident divide between the rich and poor that we somehow forget.
In Africa
The African students gave each other hell
For buying things like hair remover gel,
Or ziplock bags, or cereal bars, or Coke,
Or minute rice, or peppermint foot soak.
How you gonna find that back in Africa? they’d scold,
As if it were the ultimate criterion.
And even now, when I desire to buy it,
Some new thing, just because I want to try it,
A voice sounds in my head, rich and harmonic— ah,
But can you buy this thing in Africa?
Posted: 22:00, August 30, 2013 

Poetry, Music, Revelry – 100TPC514 is Officially Arriving!
Post by Ethan Yang

Fellow Poets & Poetesses,

With a little over a month to go before the actual event, the organizers of 100TPC514 is excited to share with you these exciting details:


Event:              100TPC514 2013
with music accompaniment by the Michael Gauthier Trio
Date:                6pm – 8pm, September 28th, 2013
Location:         L’Escalier, 522 St. Catherine Est, Montreal

Please share this happening with your family and friends, for peace, sustainability, and any other important cause. If you know anyone else who’d like to participate, have them sign up through the online form.

Although actions speak louder than words, it’s words that get the actions going.

Let’s do this.

Betty & Ethan


Posted: 22:23, August 27, 2013 



Just TWO more months…
Post by: Ethan Yang

You don’t have to believe it, but the 3rd 100TPC Montreal will happening in two months on September 28, 2013!!! I am excited to hear the great works that we’ve all created over the past year and continue this grass-root effort of democratizing poetry. Here’s a little something that I wrote that might be you more excited:

If you melt an integral,
All that you did will have been in vain,
flowed back into the heart.

If you would like to join us this year, please kindly fill out the following 1.5-minute survey. Don’t forget to check out some of the crazy things we did last year on our channel on Bambuser!

As always, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and reblog with us on Tumblr!

Posted: 13:47, July 28, 2013 

Check Us Out on Facebook; Follow Us On Twitter and Tumblr!
Post by: Ethan Yang

(Hint: click on the icons)

Posted: 20:34, June 28, 2013 

So You’re Interested in Being Part of the 100 Thousand Poets 4 Change 514 Family…
Post by: Ethan Yang

So today marks the 100 day countdown until this year’s edition of our event. Want to get involved? Contact the organizer, Betty Esperanza, at 100TPCMontreal@gmail.com. Sign up for your 5 minutes!

Posted: 18:00, June 19, 2013 


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Cordoba, Spain

Organizer: Tomas Illescas Ferrezuelo Contact: tillescas@gmail.com                                       Cartel definitivo del recital “100 MIL POETAS POR EL CAMBIO EN CÓRDOBA”, incluyendo participantes: RECITAL … Continue reading

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San Luis Obispo, California

This gallery contains 2 photos.

San Luis Obispo 100 Thousand Poets for Change Organizers: Youssef Alaoui slo100tpc@boun.cr and Kevin Patrick Sullivan kpsslopoet@charter.net Our event will be held at the Sanitarium, 1716 Osos Street in San Luis Obispo from 5:30- 9:30 PM. We’ll have a BBQ pot luck, a … Continue reading

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