Chaguanas, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Organizer: Mtima Solwazi


ROOTS and PSTT has collaborated with Servol’s ADP to commemorate the
2012 installment of 100 TPC with a “Cultural Exchange for Change”.
Trainees of the ADP will have the opportunity to participate in an
international event that promotes and contributes to the notion of
“CHANGE” on a global platform.


“ROOTS” publication is a groundbreaking non-profit, non-partisan,
journal printed and distributed regularly since September 2005, and
serves to facilitate the flawless expressions of poets in an exercise
of nation-building in pursuit of the shared vision of our nation.
Published under The Oral Tradition ROOTS Foundation; this edifying
publication is designed primarily for youth development. Issues
covered are inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary in nature and of
interest to students and scholars in Anthropology, Criminology,
Cultural Studies, Economics, History, Literary Studies, Political
Science, Religion, Social Psychology and Sociology.


to revive the lost oral tradition of our ancestors;
to sensitize the community of the need to continue this tradition;
to provide a medium for the expressions of talented poets; and
to provide a medium for educative and informative reading.


The Oral Tradition ROOTS Foundation is committed to reviving the oral
traditions, promoting youth leadership and encouraging community


Through the use of oral tradition and youth mentorship, The Oral
Tradition ROOTS Foundation aims at empowering our youth and
communities in enhancing their creative talent and leadership


MISSION: To promote Poets in Trinidad and Tobago and their craft by
continuously highlighting their achievements and their work. To
recognize them as celebrities in their specialized area, no less than
those who have excelled in other fields.

To motivate aspiring Poets by: executing poetry competitions;
executing seminars/workshops; presenting Poetry Readings;
To promote Poets by: publishing the names of the winners of our poetry
competitions and their photographs along with the poems of the first
place in each of the three categories; hosting a web site to feature
our Poet’s biographies and poems; publicly congratulating poets on
their achievements; and

To provide to Poets: free assistance in selling published books by
maintaining an online bookstore; an official office site and telephone
contact enabling easy access to information; a special library
highlighting books published by Poets in Trinidad and Tobago and a
select few from some of the world’s best Poets; guidance on
copyrighting poems and publishing of books; an online “Ask The Poet
Expert” column, where Poets can forward their poems and get feedback.


MISSION STATEMENT: SERVOL is an organization of weak, frail, ordinary,
imperfect yet hope-filled and committed people seeking to help weak,
frail, ordinary, imperfect, hope-drained people become agents of
attitudinal and social change in a journey which leads to total human
development. It does so through respectful intervention in the lives
of others and seeks to empower individuals and communities to develop
as role models for the nations.

PHILOSOPHY: An integrated human development programme designed to
alleviate poverty through the empowerment of children, adults and
communities who live in disadvantaged situations.
Servol’s philosophy is based on four main points:
Philosophy of Ignorance;
Attentive Listening;
Lack of Cultural Arrogance;
Respectful Intervention.

SERVOL’S Adolescent Development Programme, ADP, is a three-and-half
months human Attitudinal Development Programme which precedes the
skill training programmes. It is designed to help young people
between the ages of sixteen (16) and nineteen (19) build:
Healthy relationships:
With the Creator;
With Adults;
With their Peers;
With Infants;
With the Socially Displaced;
With the Differently-able.

The programme is composed of the SPICES curriculum:
Spirituality – seeks to help trainees acquire a healthy concept of
the Supreme Being and to experience His love;
Physical Education – to help them better know and respect their
Intellectual – to enhance their listening, reading, writing and
computing skills;
Creative – to instill self-confidence and boost their self-esteem;
Emotional – to connect with their feelings;
Social – to give them a chance to work as a team.

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