San Miguel de Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico 2012

Organizer: Judyth Hill


Dear Poets and Organizers!!!

You made it happen!! Together, we committed Poetry! And beautifully! With so much heart and soul!

I am deeply grateful and I loved every blessed minute!! From the moment of our wonderful Atención coverage and Literary Sala mailing: I knew we had a success!

We made a powerful and authentic Day of Poetry, joining with our comadres and compadres world ’round: we made a Poetic Sound in the world!

We, we together, sang for and celebrated the many things we love.

Together in the Jardin, we wrote poems of Gratitude, surrounded by the wild, magnificent and  quintessentially San Miguel St Michael’s Day festivities…brass ummpah bands and skywhirling Dancers: the Voladores de Papantla, and glowing girls in their first communion white – aswoon in happiness, praising this wholly alive and vibrant place we call home.

Luncheon at Bugambilia brought together a crowd of poets eager to read, delighted to listen, over poignantly picante Chiles en Nogada… a poetic and culinary feast!

Fed in many realms, we went on to write together at LifePath, practicing how we might be a Voice for what matters to us in our poems. The writing was strong, the praising of each writer, skilled and insightful.

And for our Grand Event: we created powerful, beautiful literary community!

Our San Miguel master poet, Victor Sahuatoba, not only generously shared the Felisma Festival’s scheduling and venue, he also made a beautiful logo of our duo events, and then combined them to make a huge banner for the stage at the San Francisco Church.  And graciously hosted the Reading!

This PEN and SOL Lit sponsored event was so special, so culturally and poetically respectful and heartfelt: poet’s reading their own work in partnership with a fellow poet reading the translations: Spanish to English, English to Spanish, poet’s pairing to read Spanish masterworks, and translations. The camaraderie and fellowship was invigorating and  inspiring, and I hope, is just the beginning of creating more PEN/SOL Bilingual poetry events.

I thank each and every one of you for your enthusiastic support: for standing up and standing together for what we cherish: for being a generous community of Beauty Makers and Listeners, for sharing your heartsongs and showing up for yourselves, for each other, for what you love and for Poetry.

All in all: you Rocked it out San Miguel Poets!!! Que Viva! L’Chaim! Otra Vez: Next Year in September!


Judyth Hill

Judyth Hill… poet & provocateur…?

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