Kristin Sharp-St. Louis, Missouri

Organizers:  Amanda Wells, Ann Haubrich, AP Pearson, Brad Cook, Christopher Chable, Fior Baptiste, James Eames, Jason Braun, Kelli Allen, Kevin McCameron, Kissa Price, Kristin Sharp, Lenny Smith, Louis Confliction, Margaret Prindable, Mk Stallings, Nancy Hughes, Nicky Rainey, Pacia Anderson, Pamela Garvey, Ree Cee, Robert Silvey, Sallie Durbin, Susan “SpitFire” Livley, Suzanne Roussin, Taylored Poet and Tony Renner


Local poets and poetry show producers with support from the Regional Arts Commission are organizing and hosting a St. Louis offshoot of the worldwide literary event “100 Thousand Poets for Change” at the RAC on September 29th. This second annual marathon event starts at 11:00 a.m. and goes until 11:00 p.m.

The event will include a large and diverse collection of amazing and powerful voices including poets, spoken word artists, and musicians from different local live shows, literary groups, and universities. Each will share their art onstage in the name of political, social, racial, economic, and environmental progress and peace. Here is a list of some of the participants:

Michael Castro, Nicholas James, Surreal Sista, Brad Cook, Elva Maxine Beach, Taylored Poet, Matthew Scott Freeman, Brandon “Xplicit” Thornton, Katerina Canyon, Carl Sevvy Sev Gray, Phil Gounis, FeliceSkye Hutchinson, Pamela Garvey, Robert Dillard, Nicole Rainey,Cris Gualberto, Amanda Wells,Luke Hayden, Treasure Shields Redmond, Billy Foster, Dana “Kels” Kelly,Carl Hagen, Aja La’ Starr, Dwight Bitikofer,Susan “Spit-Fire” Lively, Jacob Oliver, Rebecca Wood, Nialah, Deborah Mashibini, Maria Teresa Balogh,Kristin Sharp,Chris Ware,Kristy “Lightning” McKeown,Susan Trowbridge Adams,Kevin McCameron,Andrea Richardson,Louis Conphliction, Leigh Savage, Stef Russell, JoyCe Blue, Lenny Smith,Kelli Allen, Suzanne Roussin, Ree Cee, Uncle Bill, Jay Martinez, Dawn Price, Jacquelyn Mooney, Mark Triller, Where we Migrate, Zack Palmer, Patrick Dugan, Just Like the Country, Christopher “Fiyahpoet” Rogers, MK Stallings, Christopher Chable, Mary Eden Phillips, Byron Lee, Jim McGowin, Pacia Anderson, Connie Bollinger, Kevin Renick, Jason Braun, Raven C. Wolf Felton Jennings II, Amy Genova, Christa Meyer, Jon Dressel, Catherine Rankovic, Drucilla Wall, Eamonn Wall, Maria Guadalupe Massey, David A.N. Jackson, John Blair, Ken Brown, Katy Miller. Susie Meyer, Mort Levy, Marcel Toussaint. Linda Austin, Thelma Ulrich, Ruth-Miriam Garnett, Mary Eden Phillips, El Apellido, Christy Callihan, Derrick Owens, Aaron Williams, Glendal Wallace, Connie McIntyre, Tim Leach, Will Kyle, Jason Vasser, Emmanuelle Pourroy, Aireez DeRychuss, Susan Rhodenbaugh, Jon MacEnulty, Erin Quick, Julia Gordon-Bramer, Troy Poet Lewis II, Prison Performing Arts, Peter Jones, Cheri McCoy, Copasetic Soul,Denise Baich, Matthew Smith, Sherry Holmes

Special Thanks to:

100 Thousand Poets for Change worldwide event organizers Michael Rothenberg and Terri Carrion

The Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis: support, providing studio space, props and amenities

Jill McGuire: Executive Director of the Regional Arts Commission

Lisette Dennis: Grants and Volunteer Manager of Regional Arts Commission

Wendy Walker: Cultural Resource Center Manager of the Regional Arts Commission

Christopher Chable: support, organizing, technical support and maintenance of the Regional Arts Commission

Nicky Rainey: 100TPC silk-screened shirts, shorts and accessories, catering and support

Sallie Durbin: stage design and props

Margaret Prindable: art display, stage production and support and art installation

Ree Cee: producing and catering

Robert Silvey: donations, support and video and audio recording equipment

Suzanne Roussin: technical and video support

James Eames: welcoming committee and support

Tony Renner: art installation

Pacia and Heaven Anderson : sticker design and welcoming committee

Elowyn Wells Bowels: sticker design, sidewalk art and welcoming committee

Starbuck Coffee for coffee and condiment donations: *special thanks to Danielle

Dick Blick’s staff for assistance with art and design for stage


Ann Haubrich, AP Pearson, Brad Cook, Fior Baptiste, Jason Braun, Kevin McCameron. Kissa Price, Kristin Sharp, Lenny Smith,Louis Confliction. Mk Stallings, Nancy Hughes, Pamela Garvey, Ree Cee,Susan “SpitFire” Livley, Taylored Poet


Amanda Wells, Brad Cook, Kelli Allen, Kevin McCameron, Kristin Sharp, Susan “SpitFire” Lively, Taylored Poet

Individuals and Groups:

Artistically Speaking, Chance Operations, Double Threat to Society: Black and Gay, Literature for the Halibut @ KDHX, Long River Collective, Poems, Prose and Pints, Poets and Musicians, Poor Soul’s Society, Prison Performing Arts, Saint Louis Poetry Center, Saint Louis Poetry SLAM!, Saint Louis Warrior Poets, Saint Louis Writers Guild, Soulard Culture Squad, Urb Poetry @ Legacy Books, Words On Purpose

Final Video List


Poetry by Prison Performing Arts’ Vandalia Women’s Theatre Members

(Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic & Correctional Center, Vandalia, Missouri)

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