Uzhupis Republic, Vilnius, Lithuania

Organizer: Tomas Chepitis


Poem by Tomas Chepaitis read with Uzhupis in 100TPC Tribute in Christiania, Copenhagen

The Yellow Lights of Waiting

There\s a traffic light somewhere in Copen,
Where all signs are yellow and still.
And the people, so called Christianians
Are like onions, but onions sweet.

Green is the Chakra of Love,
Red is the Chakra of Action.
Love and act, but inside,
and outside, learn to wait,
learn to see what is coming ahead.
take your time, pass a joint,
ride a bike, grab a tail of the Fox
On the road that is leading to heaven.

There’s a girl on a bike and a baby in box,
and the dogs unexpectedly friendly.
There’s a pusher, a puller, a smith and a swan,
all are waiting in movement in action.

So today I proclaim the culture of waiters
Red/Green waiters on Yellow streets.
Waiters, serving the clan of predators,
waiting when they will turn to sheep.

When it\d happen, all the traffic lights in Copen
would burst with a fireworks of the Yellow-Red=Green
and the rest of the story I’ll tell afterwards,
when you’ll come to Vilnius, blin.

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